Togfest: Sunshine and Facepaint

We had a fab time a few weeks ago heading down to meet friends in Milton Keynes and attending Togfest for the first time. This is a little two day festival that I had never heard of before, but is all centred around the classic stylings of the band Togmor – who gave a rousing set with lots of jigs and diddly-dee and were thoroughly enjoyable as the sun set over an absolutely beautiful day.

Sometimes only watery crap lager will do. Mainly when glass is banned so you can’t bring wine in.

 We only went for the Saturday and took a satisfying stack of picnic food and booze with us. Yes, it’s the only festival in the land where you can still take your own booze (no glass of course) and on that basis it wins for me (although I suppose Leicester’s Riverside Festival is free and you can take booze also, but it’s not quite the same).

We sat like royalty on our borrowed camping chairs and enjoyed getting nearly sunburned for the entire day whilst enjoying the bands on the main stage. There were also bands in the barn, but you would have had to move to see them. I have to say Jonny and the Mental Breakdowns were by far my favourite, and not just because they have an awesome name.

A craft ale bar was also available, along with other concessions including a children’s art tent. It was true good, clean family fun and comes highly recommended.

Of course, the highlight was getting covered in as much brightly coloured glitter as we could and Sophia Tyler was on-hand to glam us all up. First up it was the girls. I asked for many colours and glitter, oh and a stick on thingumee and flowers and… well, it’s safe to say I was quite over excited. Don’t we look gorgeous – especially with a Snapchat filter to hand?

After we went up, it was the Boys’ turn. Personally I think that bright colours and glitter would have suited them much better, but it seems that they gave off more of a tribal vibe as it turned out. And so the sun set over Togfest. Definitely something I would do again. 

What festivals have you been hitting up this year?


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