Gelato Artigianale Festival

Well here we are, in Agugliano Italy with our good friends from Gelato Village, Leicester. We are flying the Leicester flag high at a massive gathering not only of some of the finest gelatieri in the world, but also in an epic party in a tiny town in the hills of Central Italy.

The Gelato Artigianale Festival is an annual event now in its eighth year, organised by the people of the town and inspired by the gelateria of the renowned Paolo Brunelli which is situated on the main square. There is a makeshift gelato laboratory in the small cinema, where seats have been removed to allow for the gelato making machinery to be moved in.

Gelatieri in pristine whites take shifts in the lab to make gelato for the hundreds of attendees which wind their way around the towns (sorry, no idea where the apostrophe is on this Italian laptop) narrow streets. You can buy tickets to sample the unique flavours that the Maestro have created that morning as well as enjoying a variety of other entertainments from martial arts displays, to kiddie zumba and everything in between!

Gelato Village have brought Bee Happy gelato to the festival, a combination of Leicestershire honey from the Bee Farmer blended with the subtle flavours of Italian sage and candied lemon peel. It is floral, delicate and complex, ,with a rich creamy base. You can vote for their gelato as the best in festival at the Festival homepage.

Gelato Village were awarded third place for their Bee Happy Gelato.

There is the Aguliano Agrimontana Cup awarded to the best gelato of the festival as well as a special award from the liquor makers Varnelli, where the Maestro Gelatieri are challenged to blend their products with their choice of Varnelli spirit. Gelato Village have worked with their neighbours 33 Cank Street to produce something very special for this competition, but more on that anon.

Anyway, Iàm back off to enjoy the festival. Look out for more posts about our adventures in Italy coming soon! Ciao bella!


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