Street art is coming to Leicester

Bring the Paint, Leicester’s newest street art and music festival is coming to the Cultural Quarter on 27th May. There’s an amazing amount of activity taking place including live art, BMX display, live music and plenty more.

We attended the press launch for the festival last night at The Exchange and got a taster of what was to come with a beautiful live graffiti art demonstration taking place in the basement while we chatted to the event organisers and found out all the gossip of what is to come. The finished piece was absolutely beautiful, and it was incredible to watch it form over just a couple of hours.

You can expect lonely corners, unloved walls and grey spaces to become full of life and colour when the festival takes place. Look out for everything from subtle interventions to some real statuesque creations on an amazing scale. I cannot wait to see what transpires in these outdoor spaces, I think it’s a real credit to the city that this international festival is being staged here and it will brighten up all of our lives.

Bring the Paint is a free event and you can find graffiti walls, outdoor cinema, street food and gigs dotted all around the Cultural Quarter. Personally, I’m looking forward to the outdoor cinema and also the next installment of Canteen at LCB Depot, some excellent beats from Well Gosh at the newly refurbished Shed, and most of all, the brightening up of some really, REALLY dull looking walls.


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