The Art of Timmy Mallett

We were invited to Oberon Gallery this week for a very special presentation – a whole floor of the work of irrepressible 80s TV legend Timmy Mallett, showcasing some of his latest work as well as some older pieces.

A couple of months ago I had already had the opportunity to take a look at a small selection of works at Oberon – a beautifully cosy and welcoming gallery on Loseby Lane – and had remarked on the vibrant colours of the work.

This time, we were treated to the opportunity of meeting the man himself and hearing about his work in his own words. Mallett is clearly dedicated to his art. It was interesting to hear his perspective on Leicester and to see the numerous works from the region inspired by his time and clearly regular visits here. One of the new works I had not seen before features the Richard III statue now outside the Cathedral and presents a dramatic and brooding scene.

Alongside the art work and fine company, we also enjoyed a special colour changing cocktail from Burleigh’s Gin and some superb chocolates from the ever-lovely Coca Amore. You can’t really argue with evenings like these.

Timmy’s work is colourful and full of life, movement and texture – just like the man himself. Quite a few of the works we were treated to were landscapes, often with a fantastic sense of perspective which draw the eye in and take the viewer on a journey through the scene. 

His impressionistic style is deftly handled and he’s clearly a keen experimenter looking at new ways to build up the various layers in his pieces. I really liked the way the work had been framed too – with chunky three dimensional mounts which added an extra layer of depth and shadow to the artworks which really set off the depth suggested within the paintings themselves.

These are Timmy Mallett’s shoes

The work was certainly not priced out of the realms of possibility, which is definitely an area that Oberon Gallery excel at, offering quality art which is accessible. I think that anyone would be proud to have the work of Timmy Mallett hanging on their wall.

But to paraphrase the man himself, if you like the work it’s by Timmy Mallett. If you don’t like, it’s by Claude Monet.


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