English vineyard tours and tastings

Yesterday saw the first public tour and tasting being held at Rothley Wine Estate. The weather came good for us and it was a glorious day for our two groups to make their way around the vineyard and winery, to meet the vineyard chickens and most importantly, to taste some of their locally produced wines.

Thanks to the completion of their new tasting room, Rothley Wine Estate will now be holding these events monthly throughout the summer. The next one will be on Saturday 13th May and tickets can be purchased from DesignMyNight. Tickets are already selling well and group sizes are limited so make sure you get that booked quickly!

I think there is something very special about tasting wines where the grapes are grown, pressed and carefully made into wine. It really helps you to understand the terroir – all the factors that go into making the wine taste the way it does – not just the grape varietals, but also the climate, the soil, the actions of the winemaker and the way the vines are treated. And with the gentle noise of the Great Central Railway in the background, the running water trickling through Kingfisher’s Pool and the timid inquisitiveness of the resident chickens, Rothley Wine Estate is a wonderful place to while away an afternoon.


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