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If you’ve ever been to the village of Anstey, to the north west of Leicester city centre, then chances are you will have come across Peppercorns, a neat deli cafe that has been in The Nook for around 6 years now.

This cafe is actually part of a small family of Leicestershire cafes, all backed up by a local catering business. Their latest venture is Peppercorns by Post and I was very fortunate to be invited to trial their service! Well, what can you do but say yes when someone offers to send you cake in the post!

They have a very well laid out and simple to negotiate website. Ingredient lists with allergens highlighted are available for each of the 10 different cakes on offer. My delivery came right on schedule and was very attractively packaged. There is little to match the excitement of the postman bringing you cake.

You can opt for a box of 6 or 12 traybakes and you can mix and match the combination of cakes that you get. We received a bumper array, including a gluten free chocolate option and a dairy free strawberry and honey slice.

My favourite was definitely the Rocky Road. It had a great texture – chewy and crunchy and the chocolate tasted of a great quality. This lovely cocoa flavour was even stronger in the peanut butter slice which was just heavy enough to feel really satisfying and was very brownie-like in consistency.

I have to confess the dairy free slice wasn’t really to my taste – I found it to be a little dry and the texture was a little powdery, but I don’t have a lot of experience with vegan cakes so this might actually be the creme de la creme of the offerings for all I know! The flapjack was very nice though – a more solid, crisp flapjack rather than the softer chewier varieties, but still full of oaty, golden syrupy goodness.

So, as you might expect, these are some lovely homemade tray baked and delivered to your door they make a great thoughtful gift for someone special. The price, at £19.95 for 6 cakes, reflects the high price of postage at the moment. Buying 12 at a time makes it work out a little cheaper per cake, so that’s something to bear in mind. Cost effective and you get more cake!!

Which flavours do you think you would choose?


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