The Antico Bramble

There’s a great new cocktail on the block at 33 Cank Street. It’s an Italian twist on a classic gin Bramble, made by their fantastic mixologist, Matteo Mosetti.

The Antico Bramble is simplicity embodied, with just four ingredients – Brooklyn Gin, sugar syrup and citrus, topped off with Carpano’s Antica Formula Vermouth. This is a special from Turin, so of course the Piedmont natives over at Gelato Village were straight in there to give it their seal of approval!

As with all things simple, it is the balance and subtlety that makes this cocktail excel. The predominant botanicals in the small batch Brooklyn gin are juniper and citrus peel and this is accentuated with the citrus element and grapefruit garnish. The vermouth adds an interesting new dimension to the Bramble with the bouquet working beautifully with the herbaceous garnish, bringing a waft of fresh scent each time you bring the glass to your mouth to take a sip.

A delicious, refreshing drink which has enough complexity from the layers of botanicals to feel absolutely fitting for this late winter period. Also a contender in the upcoming #TOTCEdinburgh awards with Hi-Spirits.

It’s on the regular rotation at 33 Cank Street, so don’t forget to stop by and try it for yourself. I thought it was thoroughly delicious!


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