National Pie Week: CMOT Dibbler Special

It’s National Pie Week, just about, and here on Extreme Housewifery we love a good pie. My first real brush with National Pie Week was back in 2014, when my pie recipe was picked for the Badger Ales competition final. We had a lovely time out in Bath supping ale and sampling pies. Sadly my pie did not win, but it did teach me that beer cocktails are bad – just say no if someone offers you one. This knowledge has served me well in the time since.

I’ve also written about budget pie recipes, beer and pies, gin and pies, and pie-based traditions. I wrote a pheasant pie recipe recently for Leicester Market. If it’s moist and got pastry or taters on top then I’ve got it covered essentially. Plus we are of course the Great County of the Pie here in Leicester, with Melton Mowbray’s fabulous pork pies. We even have a Pork Pie Library… :)

It would be churlish of me to ignore National Pie Week then, since my life is clearly so intrinsically linked with the crusty blighters. Indulge me and let’s take a little look at some of the finest pies that city and county have to offer.

If you can’t make it over to Melton this weekend, then stop by Walker’s in the city centre. They have excellent classic pork pies as well as a decadent and delicious pork and chicken layered pie. They do it simple and they do it right.

The Forge out in Glenfield is a great pub for a sunny day, I love to head out there on my bike. Their chestnut mushroom pie is a real winner – unctious and delicious. Plus they have a great beer garden, now we are starting to see glimpses of better weather!

Another out-of-the-centre favourite is The Cow & Plough. This Steamin’ Billy pub has been churning out high quality British favourites for many a year, and their pie of the day is not to be missed. Neither should you miss their Sunday lunches. Just go eat there basically…

Finally, for something a little more international, head across to the unassuming Cafe Mbriki in the city centre, with their wicked Greek-Cypriot menu. I had their spinach and feta pie recently and it’s definitely one to enjoy again in the future, with lovely crisp feta and a vibrant Greek salad. A perfect traditional flavour combo.


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