New Year, New Menu: Steakout Leicester

You may remember nearly a year ago we visited Steakout on Granby Street and I was blown away by the quality of their food. It really took me by surprise just how much was made on site, and the quality of the meat they sourced. Therefore, when I was invited back to take a squizz at some of their new menu choices, I nearly bit their hand off – but then I realised I should save some space for the delicious food.

As the friendly team settled us in, I started off with the house special mocktail – a slightly sparkling affair with a mixture of mango, passionfruit and pomegranate juices – pretty much all of my favourite fruits! It was refreshing and devilishly moreish. So I had two.

Steakout source their beef from Yorkshire and use it creatively to maximise both the texture and flavour you can enjoy from a variety of different cuts. A great new dish which showcases this is their Brazilian Mixed Grill. As with all of their steaks and mains, you choose your preferred side and sauce to accompany the dish as well as the degree of cooking so you can have it as you like it.

The Mixed Grill comes in a great tower, with a colourful side salad. The meat on the skewer is tender, moist chicken and chunks of beef from different cuts so as you work your way through the dish the texture and flavour alters. We found the rump the most flavourful, but it was all delicious – particularly because of the gorgeous marinade which certainly had a burst of Latino heat! In combination with spicy fries and garlic sauce this was a potent, pungent combination of a dish with quite a kick. Absolutely something I would be delighted to enjoy again.

That garlic mash though

Next up was my pick of the dishes – the chicken and mushroom pie, this time served with garlic mash. I remembered that the garlic mash was absolutely my favourite element from my previous visit and it did not disappoint! Made with fresh garlic it is creamy and really packs in the garlicky taste which for me is phenomenal, although for the more timid it may be a little too much. I like my flavours bold!

Under the crisp puff pastry lid nestled chicken pieces in a creamy sauce with sliced mushrooms and an additional pot of hot, creamy mushroom sauce was served with it. This is absolutely the epitome of winter comfort food, if you are obsessed with creamy dishes like I am. I think I could probably eat it every day until Spring without ever getting bored. And even in Spring I’d have to decide whether I could give it up. Yes, this was definitely my favourite!!

Finally, we tried another new dish (yes, we shared three main courses between two, don’t judge us – I think they’re labouring under the misapprehension that I need feeding up. Patently not true.) The Butterfly Meal Deal weighs in at £12.95 for the beef sirloin and £10.95 for chicken breast and comes on a sizzling skillet groaning with spicy rice, vegetables, chips and caramelised onions. Everything you could possibly want in a dish, including double carbs! It comes topped with a delicious, thick onion gravy, which oozes down into all the goodies below.

The sirloin we ordered was perfectly melt-in-the-mouth tender. I still can’t understand people who would order a beautiful steak like this well done (although you can, if you really want to), served rare it was heart-breakingly soft and full of flavour. I have to say I preferred the spicy rice to the chips, but there is something really rather beautiful about chips and gravy which appeals to my North-West roots. The hefty helping of veg makes you feel a bit better about inhaling such a vast quantity of food and you come away happy.

We really didn’t need anything else, but our host was absolutely insistent that we must at least share a dessert. Unable to make a decision through the slight meat coma, we left it to dealer’s choice and were presented with this awe-inspiring peanut and salted caramel cake, absolutely smothered in caramel sauce and tiny chunks of fudgy goodness.

When we had finished it, and finish it we did, we were both stuffed beyond belief. I was rolled up Granby Street with visions of moo cows dancing in my head. Thanks to Steakout for inviting us back (always nice to know we are still welcome after the first review somewhere!!) I was genuinely impressed by the friendly, light hearted service, the choice on the menu and the care taken over the in-house preparation of the ingredients. A great place to stack up on your lean protein if you need a post-gym boost and also a fantastic place for an indulgent treat – after all Valentine’s Day is coming up!

Steakout uses Halal meat and is alcohol free, but as you can see from this review, it is also perfect for non-Muslim people and tipple-chasers like myself! 


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