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Having experienced some of the best of Independent Leicester recently, I told you that I would return to Danique Hairdressing to write a little more about their quick fashion fixes. We’d already looked at the Label M Highlighting Toner at our demonstration, and I liked the darkening qualities of the brunette spray, but was of course naturally drawn to the unnatural shades, although I’m a little disappointed that only blue and red are available. 

Image courtesy of IsoElegant Photography
Everyone needs a good green hair spray in their lives, especially as these are much better than older colour sprays, leaving a better texture and being able to be built up, brushed through and dried in for a much more even finish.

Braids are right on trend right now, filtering down to our humble little island after being Label M’s smash sensation at last Spring’s Coachella festival. Danique offer a range of styles all completed in under a half hour for between £10 and £20 depending on the complexity and level of prep needed.

Image courtesy of IsoElegant

I was booked in with the gorgeous Zara, who is such a great person to have a chat with as well as being a master with braids. She took me through the options for me hair and we settled on a five strand braid which would show off my layered hair colour to the best advantage. And of course, as promised, I was in and out within 30 minutes. Great for a Friday night before a friend’s 60th birthday party in town!

Zara’s nimble fingers had this braid done in an absolute jiffy and she got some excellent height on top, so I didn’t feel like my hair was pulled back too tightly from my face – great adaptation of the style to suit me personally.

I also think she was entirely right about it highlighting all of the depth in my (I know, quite bizarre) hair colour. At least she doesn’t have to cope with it now – that was freshly dyed and most of the top colour has now washed out and gone back to blue. And purple. And I seem to have developed a silver grey bit too. It’s all good fun though.

Thanks to Danique inviting me along and for giving me another great style! It was a great way to unwind after work and I got loads of compliments that evening on my ‘do’!


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