Romeo and Juliet at the Y Theatre

We were invited to a wonderful performance at the Y Theatre at the end of last week. Ballet Theatre UK were performing a one-night-only special of Romeo and Juliet. It was rather marvelous being able to tell everyone we were going to the ballet that night, I think we quite took people by surprise.

I must confess the only ballet I’ve been to before was seeing my friend perform when we were in primary school (she did proper lessons and had a nice performance at the theatre. It was very exciting, but a long, long time ago) and for some reason I have not been back. Therefore, I warrant that I am not the best person to talk in technicalities about the performance.

However, I think that’s the secret really. I know nothing about ballet, and yet I was absolutely spellbound. I don’t know how to judge the standard, but I thought the choreography was lovely, the dancers’ lines were beautiful and of course, with such a wonderful story, the whole thing was quite enchanting. I could not stop staring at their feet up on pointe.

I loved the opportunity to enjoy the performance in the intimate surroundings of the Y too. This is a theatre I tend to visit for purposes of comedy rather than anything more highbrow. But it lent itself very well to this show and the use of clever staging made the space seem much bigger. 

For me, Juliet’s mother (that’s Mrs Capulet, right?) was the out and out breathtaking performance, although the whole company can absolutely be congratulated on their outstanding talent. And naturally, as is with the way of every performance of Romeo and Juliet I have ever seen, in whatever style or interpretation, Juliet’s nurse was a highlight. There is just something about that character, she must be a joy to play.

It was an emotionally charged experience and as the saying goes, there was not a dry eye in the house by the closing scene. The entire audience were enraptured by the whole thing and even The Boy thoroughly enjoyed the show and our dissection of what we had seen afterwards.

So thank you to Leicester’s oldest theatre, the Y for being such gracious hosts. Thank you to Cool As Leicester for the invitation and the lovely production shots that I have used in this post. And finally, thank you to Ballet Theatre UK for giving me something new in life to love.

Get yourself a copy of the upcoming programme at the Y. Stick a pin in it and go to see something you haven’t experienced before. I can highly recommend it.


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