COMPETITION: Advances in vaping technology

I was sent an interesting selection of kit from ecigarettedirect this week to see how vaping technology has changed in recent times and I have to say I’ve been really impressed in where this sort of kit has developed over the last year or two.

Now vaping is much more widespread, and vapers have identified the sort of experience they are looking for, the humble e-cigarette has evolved in a number of ways. The simple beginners kit from ecigarettedirect is the Halo Tank Kit. For less than £20 (the kit is 20% off at the time of writing) you receive everything you need to give vaping a go.

You receive a high performance battery and clearomiser which can be changed if you wish, and also allows coils to be changed so you will get a longer life out of the kit overall. Of course, a handy USB charger is also included, as well as a free bottle of E-liquid to start you on your way. The Halo E-liquids come in a wide range of flavours, from fruit to sweets! You can also obtain different nicotine strengths or those with no nicotine at all, depending on what sort of experience you are looking for.

I found the kit really easy to use – the tank is easy to fill and the unit was quick to achieve its first full charge.The vaping experience is much improved from what you would expect from a set at this price not too long ago, with good flavour and relatively good clouds obtained. It’s a great size and the overall unit has a pleasing sleek look, so this is a great entry level product.

What I hadn’t really realised is that since I last did any real research into vaping is that now you can fall into a number of different camps. Some people look to get as much flavour as possible from their E-liquid as possible, whereas others are ‘Cloud Chasers’ hoping to achieve the biggest cloud they can from their vape. This has led to the development of significantly more sophisticated devices for vaping, allow much more control over the experience and allowing people to follow their own vaping dream.

I was sent a Tesla Nano 60w (£44.99), a handheld battery unit or vape mod which allows you to use a selection of clearomisers on the top. This is definitely a device for more intermediate or advanced vaping as it is a little more complex to use – but this ultimately gives a huge degree of control over the vaping experience. The Tesla Nano has a digital display allowing full control over wattage and temperature, as well as allowing for interchangeable coils, which has automatic detection and gives you the option to sub-ohm – a mod that can support the search for both the perfect cloud or the perfect flavour.

The unit is a little chunky in the hand, but it has a pleasing weight to it because of the quality of the casing and the durable, long life battery that it contains. The oversized firing button is rather pleasing too and overall it is relatively ergonomic even though perhaps my hands are a little smaller than it was designed for! I found the menu selection easy to use – just 5 clicks to lock or unlock and a simple pair of buttons to scroll up and down and access the different settings. It has a mechanical/bypass mode as well as a number of user protections built in – short circuit, low voltage and over puff.

To accompany this I used the Nautilus Mini by Aspire (£19.99), which is a compact and very aesthetically interesting clearomiser. It made me feel like I am living in the future, although I am not. And it is also easy to fill and comfortable to use. The only issue I had was that it has a changeable airflow, but when I was experimenting with that I managed to turn it the wrong way and have to wash E-liquid off myself, but that is probably because I’m an eejit rather than the fault of the Nautilus, which seems very practically designed and relatively robust. The only confusion I have now is how best to carry the kit around with me – it feels as though the regular Tank kit is much more portable than this – as if I would be better off with a case rather than just slinging it in my handbag. I’d be interested to know what other people do – do you separate the clearomiser from the mod and carry them separately, or leave them together?

It took me a little while to play around with the settings and find something that I liked, but all in all I thought this was a really impressive combination which looks good, has a versatile range of functions and really allows you to have some fun with your vaping. If you’d like to try this for yourself, ecigarettedirect are offering one of my readers the opportunity to win vaping kit worth £100. You can’t say fairer than that!

Win an e-cigarette kit worth £100 #7

I was sent these items at no charge by ecigarettedirect for purposes of review. The opinions expressed in this post are my genuine and honest perceptions of the products. The giveaway has been created and will be moderated and fulfilled by ecigarettedirect’s representatives, not by this blog.


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  • It definitely has progressed over recent years, especially with the cloud chaser scenes! I would highly recommend the PINK LEMONADE flavour, most good stockists have it and it is absolutely delicious!

    -Emma Stone


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