Abbey Park: Hen Do Mark II

So here we are, 14 years since I first got married and 10 years since our civil wedding. I know this to be true because I’ve had to get my passport renewed, which means I have no formal ID and is quite annoying.

Who says marriage changes you?

Anywho, to celebrate this auspicious occasion I have been spending lots of time with The Boy and also taking the opportunity to have a spontaneous party with my girlie mates in the form of a second hen do.

There’s a meme in there somewhere.

We went to Leicester’s wonderful Abbey Park, where I spent quite a lot of time communing with the baby bunnies. Because, baby bunnies. I also liked all of the canaries that had lined up in a row on their perch to enjoy the last of the evening sun together.

Abbey Park is beautiful and massive. There are loads of lovely waterfowl to watch and of course the Abbey ruins to explore – the accidental resting place of Cardinal Wolsey who died here by mistake, like so many other key historic personages.

This is exactly what I look like paddling in the sea.

So we opened a bottle of wine with my travel corkscrew (yes, I have one of those) and enjoyed it with our park-friendly plastic glasses (yes, plastic wine glasses, I have those) along with some Charnwood Smoked cheese. The wine was a delicious French Pinot Noir from 45 West by the way, if you’re wondering. It went really well with the cheese.

I had thought this was a really refined and classy way to enjoy the afternoon sunshine, surrounded by an army of Canada Geese with good friends. However then aforementioned good friends started sharing stories of their children getting paralytic at the park and needing to be rescued which took some of the shine off. Anyway, we disposed of our rubbish responsibly and, because the boating lake was not open (no pedalos for us!) we popped off for a couple more drinkies.

Which is clearly when we broke out the glow sticks. And of course I took full advantage of the chance to write naughty words in the air. You wouldn’t expect anything less, would you?

This is one of the more suitable images.

Happy Anniversary to The Boy, my epic partner in this crazy adventure of Leicester, life and everything. You’re my everything that makes everything else so much better. Mwah.


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