One Crafty Summer

I’ve been making the most of my spare time this summer to continue flexing my crafty muscles. There are still quite a few projects that I have completed that are to be presents or surprises in various ways, so I can’t really talk about those at the moment, but here are a couple of highlights that I am at liberty to discuss from the last few weeks!

One of my favourite exercises has been making tiny hearts for Crafting For Solidarity, a small, simple gesture to show love for every part of my local community in the wake of the recent increase in hate crimes in our nation.

As you can see, mine are predominantly crocheted and poorly photographed to boot!

I even went along to a little event at the Phoenix Cafe with a friend where we met lots of lovely other crafty types and had a good chinwag, so it made a really nice change to be a bit sociable with my crafting instead of hiding away on the sofa! It’s a really lovely thing to do as well because you can use whatever textile craft you like and hearts only take a couple of minutes so you get a real sense of achievement!

Sewing projects
Next up, is the continuation of my determination to learn to sew good. I have crafted a makeup brush case for the birthday of lovely blogger pal Charlotte, but of course I forgot to photograph it, because I’m a dunce.

Obligatory creepy stare selfie

However, I did whip up this little top a couple of weekends ago. I just based it on a top I already had and then blagged it from there. I even made up my own darts. I wore it to work and not a single person commented on it, so I presume it doesn’t look homemade!

Current programme is making a pair of baggy paisley trousers, again by basing them on a favourite pair I already own, which I appear to have cycled the seat out of. Again. Yes, it appears all I buy is paisley fabric. But this evening I am too tired to sew so I cannot finish them and I have to blog about finishing them instead. What a crazy world.

Then of course, there’s the cross stitch project that I am a mere 7 months into. It’s OK, it’s going to be a Christmas present. I’m sure I’ve got that totally under control. What craft projects are you getting on with at the moment? Are you winning, or are they getting forgotten down the back of a drawer?


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