The East Midlands Bloggers Network are a jolly nice group of people and so I was very happy to find out that they were holding their latest meet up right here in Leicester! So many lovely new faces, all on my doorstep!

So I duly popped along to Manhattan 34 this afternoon. It’s a great choice for the blogging ladies because they are all cocktail loopy and it seems by the vast selection that I saw being consumed that it was hitting the spot. They also were being treated to a taste of Spirit of Freedom from friends of the blog, Rothley Wine Estate which as you all know I absolutely adore! I hope they all enjoyed trying wine that was grown only 6 miles away from where they were sitting.

A whole host of treats had been lined up from us. I love the cakes at Bru, so was very pleased to see they had set up a stall for us to try. The Millionaire’s Shortbread is definitely my one to watch – buttery shortbread, meltingly squidgy caramel… Mmmmmm…

While we were enjoying these treats, we also enjoyed some short talks from the superb Cool As Leicester and Blogosphere Magazine, which were really insightful and full of handy hints and tips for the 40 bloggers in the room. There was also a presentation from Danique – you may remember I organised a Leicester blogger’s night out last year and we had a superb hair demonstration from them, so I am always happy to see them at an event. They originally dyed my hair blue for me and were pleased to see I’ve kept the vibrant colour and I was very chuffed to have my hair curled in five minutes flat by one of their ace stylists.

Braver bloggers than me were also having lash extensions by Angel Eyes. It all looked a bit up close and personal for my liking, but the impact was striking! Much more up my street was the lovely live entertainment from Becky Bruce and also the most awesome raffle in support of Bowel Cancer UK and Rainbows. There was an incredible table of prizes – blogging subscriptions, tickets, beauty products, afternoon tea hampers – good grief!

Sadly I did not win any prizes but it was all for a good cause and gave us a good old giggle heckling Carpe Diem Emmie as she pulled out the tickets!

To round up the event we were given not one but two incredible goodie bags, jam packed with treats. I was going to take a nice photo of all the goodies, but Morrighan was just so intrigued by the whole thing that I thought you’d enjoy seeing this picture instead. You know, internet and cats and that?

I haz goodie bag?

So now I have got a whole bunch of treats to try out and get back to you on – some Lush soap, Vita Coco drink and coconut oil, some Carex handwash with a special Love Hearts twist, a CD from Parlour Tricks, Lab2 makeup brushes and more besides! I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty excited about the gold shiny temporary tattoos as well!

All in all, a fabulous day. I met some new people, tried some new things and was given very generous gifts. It’s a blogger’s life.

Which new blogs have you discovered recently – and how do you use blogs? Let me know below, it’s always helpful to be able to write stuff that people actually want to read 🙂


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0 thoughts on “#EastMidsMeetUp

  • Aww, that's a shame – you and your baby would have been very welcome! I'm sure you would have had no end of willing babysitters to play with the baby there. I hope you can come next time Karen!

  • Ahh I wanted to go to this (I'm a health blogger based in Leicestershire) but my husband was at work and I couldn't cope with the idea of taking a teething 10 month old with me – haha! It looks like you had a great time. I keep meaning to subscribe to Blogosphere magazine too!


  • Hi Stacey, thanks for stopping by! I wasn't around for long today sadly, but there will be plenty of other good times I'm sure. x

  • I can't believe how quickly you got this post out! It was lovely to meet you, even if it was briefly and I didn't get to speak to you properly. Hopefully I'll see you again at another meet up.


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