COMPETITION: Tokyo to Go at Yo Sushi, Leicester Highcross

The options for getting good quality takeaway food are really skyrocketing at the moment. The latest on the bandwagon are Yo Sushi, with their new Tokyo To Go menu. This is a really good option if you want something quick and healthy on your lunch break, with a range of menu choices to suit all tastes. It is available takeaway or for delivery.

I was invited to try a takeaway on my work lunch break this week and it really hit the spot! My office is only a couple of minutes walk away from Yo Sushi in the Highcross, so it was really easy to pop in on my way back from a meeting and pick up my order. They were just finishing preparing my order, so I was confident everything was as fresh as possible. Happily I have a lovely, photogenic background in the Jewry Wall so I could take some nice shots as well as enjoying my lunch in the sunshine. It really is the little things, isn’t it?

There is an absolutely massive choice available, with the new Chirashi ‘poke pots’ being a really lovely summery choice. Meaning ‘scattered rice’ these little pots of rice salad have ingredients scattered artfully over the top which you can mix yourself. I tried the soy and sachimi marinated chicken pot, which had lots of pickles, pickled ginger, and for reasons unknown to me, one solitary edamame bean! It was really fresh and tasty and starting from £3.50 the price is right too. I felt that a dressing would have been good but as I also had a Tokyo sushi box I was able to add a bit of the soy from that which made it just right for me.

The new Tokyo sushi box comes in at £7.50 and is also a great choice for a satisfying lunch. The ebi rolls and albacore sushi were my favourites, but they were all perfectly constructed and delicious. I really enjoyed the Taco sushi as well – poached octopus which was really meaty in texture and had lovely flavour. It was really nicely handled.

Of course you get soy and wasabi if you fancy spicing things up a bit, but there really isn’t much more that you can ask for on a sunny day than freshly prepared sushi, it is light but also filling. Naturally there are veggie boxes available with the Yasai Box including 9 sushi for £5.00.

If you fancy something hot then go for the Izakaya range, which has a selection of hot dishes including a choice of katsu dishes for meat eaters and vegetarians, crispy fried chicken wings and Okonomiyaki cabbage filled pancakes. I opted for some old favourites, which were nicely presented in very efficient hot boxes which kept everything crispy and at the optimum temperature.

First up was the Spicy Pepper Squid which was absolutely delicious with its crispy coating and delicious marinade, all topped with freshly sliced red chilli and spring onion. It had great flavour and a good kick to it! This is a dish that will definitely wake you up for the afternoon!

On top of that I couldn’t resist the Duck Gyoza. They were perfect packets of flavour, crispy pancake exterior and unctious soft filling which was complemented perfectly by the hoisin sauce on the side. I think duck and hoisin is a combination that I could eat every day and never get bored of!

To wash it all down I just went for a simple Pear and Uzu juice which was full of aromatic and tangy fruit flavour, it really helped to cut through all the rice! The whole meal was just delicious, wonderful combinations of sweet, savoury, sour and salty that Japanese food is famed for – with a freshness and care of preparation that really made it stand out.

I was also given a box of Matcha biscuit sticks which made for a lovely afternoon snack later on in the afternoon! If you’re feeling curious about the Tokyo to Go range, you can view the full menu here. And if that has whetted your appetite then why not enter the competition below to win a £20 meal to try it all for yourself?

Yo Sushi Tokyo to Go

Thanks to Yo Sushi for treating me to such a lovely lunch and good luck in the competition everyone! Winner will be picked at random using the Gleam app after the closing date.


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