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We popped down to the Birmingham Foodie Festival last week and got given some free samples of Levi Roots Reggae Reggae original Caribbean BBQ marinade.

Since the weatherman is being a dick and forecasting rain for the next week after the amazing run of beautiful weather we’ve been having, we decided to live it large and get our spicy barbecue on. And of course I took some snaps along the way.

We love our big dirty burger BBQs but just sometimes we like to mix it up a bit and make something a bit special. Especially for an average weekday tea. And today we went all out. With stupendous results.

We got the steak on to marinade while we lit the barbecue and prepped the rest of the food. I took over the new potatoes, which I simply parboiled in their skins, drained and then put in a foil parcel with salt and pepper, olive oil, crushed garlic cloves, oregano from the garden and a knob of butter. They sat on the coals of the BBQ and came out a treat, indeed I think the sweet, caramelised garlic might have ended up my favourite part!

The Boy made some beautiful Mediterranean vegetable kebabs, which he dressed with pesto. Courgette, peppers and mushrooms were all seasoned and ended up with delicious caramelised edges. In fact they were the first thing to go on the BBQ, just in advance of the sweetcorn which was rubbed in butter and wrapped in foil to steam and sizzle away nicely. You don’t get the same char on the outside, but it does keep it deliciously juicy.

Next on was our steak, just using the marinade. Of course, we kept brushing marinade on during the cooking time to ensure the best possible sticky glaze finish. It came up with some beautiful shine and a lovely spiced finish.

So this is how we roll this evening. Welcome, and probably Farewell, British summertime. How have you been celebrating the beautiful weather this week?


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