BREAKING NEWS: Epic coffee, coming your way!

I got invited along for an exclusive preview of the new cafe coming soon from The Coffee Counter today! Yep, me first, VIP access all areas! So I am delighted to present news of The Coffee Counter’s expansion, from coffee and equipment wholesaler to fully fledged super-friendly, expert barista-led coffee shop of your dreams!

Thanks to The Coffee Counter for the pics! I forgot my camera :(

Ariyan is part of the magnificent dynasty that brought us Babylonia, the superb Greek restaurant on Bowling Green Street whose absence I still mourn. Can nowhere be bothered to do Greek food anymore? It’s pretty much my favourite. Oops, as usual I digress. Ariyan has grown up in the service industry and is an absolute whizz when it comes to coffee. He knows it all and he has an amazing palette to match. He’s been doing well supplying his freshly roasted beans and blends to businesses all around the area and now he’s ready to bring his skills direct to you.

You’ve just got a couple of weeks to wait until the doors are flung open and the best thing is that although The Coffee Counter is all about the bean; providing the very best quality coffee, special seasonal blends and more, they are also very friendly and welcoming. No coffee snobbery here, which is of course the worst kind of snobbery after winos. You wanna know what something on the menu is, they’ll happily tell you. You want to know what something tastes like, you want a recommendation, you want to try something totally new? You can get it.

The final touches are going in now to the rustic, wooden finishes around the coffee shop. The rough pallet wood sets off the sleek lines and bright chrome of the roaster. The top notch coffee machine is flanked by homely wooden panelling. It’s cosy, it’s local. The wood has been sourced just down the road, and some of the cute vintage chairs, well they’ve been sat in the Babylonia basement for decades, just waiting for an intimate cafe atmosphere to come along where it’ll be their time to shine!

So, keep your eyes open for more on The Coffee Counter. I’m hearing whispers of locally sources cakes, exciting collaborations with other businesses in the city centre, fun events and big, big plans for the future. I’m so excited to have another high quality small business in town. I tried a latte (thanks guys!) and I can confirm I will definitely be the first through the door when they open.


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