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Highcross Leicester are offering you the opportunity to get some professional style advice or a makeover for absolutely free this weekend. Your 5 is inspired by French fashion ideas, suggesting that updating 5 key wardrobe items each season is a way to simply refresh and update your style without breaking the bank or over filling your cupboards with unnecessary threads.

All of the appointments for this weekend are now booked up, but they are taking walk ins so pop along tomorrow and try your luck!

When I arrived there was a bevvy of beautiful bloggers getting some style tips and so we all ended up holding everyone up terribly – we don’t half go on, these blogger types. Ten minute slots be damned, I ended up there for an hour!

So our five core items are the cropped trouser, the jacket, the shirt, silks and sneakers. Simple! I have to confess I am not a big cropped trouser fan, but my fab stylist did manage to find me a pair that I liked. Apparently they are actually culottes which took me back to my school days! But these are much funkier, a light baggy denim style pair from Next. At £30, these man made fibre trousers have a lightweight feel for comfort and a lovely pale colour.

On to the shirt and we settled on another floaty number from John Lewis at £49. It has a cute boho monochrome pattern, open neck and gathered sleeves. It would work great as beachwear as well as teaming up nicely with jeans – straights or flares – for casual or office. 

I’m a big jacket fan and the short jacket section was an easy win for me as this burnt orange jacket from Mango. And so was everyone else by the look of it – I saw a couple of people returning to the pop up styling zone with the one they’d purchased – so if you fancy it I’d get in quick! At £59.99, the jacket is a lovely soft suede, with flap pockets and bold exposed zip detailing. Comfortable but casual this jacket would again go well with skinny jeans or even a wide full length skirt to take it to full festival wear.

Next we were back to Next for this shiny little number at £18. It has a lovely shimmer and swoosh with the crimped fabric creating great interest and texture which compliments the little section of lining showing at the bottom with its subtle flash of green. Super cute again for workwear or dressing up as you choose. It would also go nicely with the culottes for a more relaxed but glam look. 

Finally we were on to the sneakers, which were offered in a range of lace up and slip on options. I opted for the Molini flats from Aldo which are currently available for £45. I liked the bright coral colour which would add a splash of sunshine and a bold accent to any outfit. They were lovely and comfortable as well with a lovely cushioned sole.

What do you reckon to our choices? All the key trends for this season wrapped up in a neat capsule wardrobe with flexibility for all occasions. Thanks to Highcross for inviting me and for the lovely little goodie bag – I am particularly looking forward to cashing iny free pretzel coupon!!


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