Two ways with pheasant

Part of the totally unecessary, but immensely satisfactory compensation for the many long hours volunteering with the pruning at the Kingfisher’s Pool Vineyard in Rothley recently included a brace of pheasant!

We’ve not had pheasant to cook at home before, and certainly not local pheasant. We managed to stretch one of the birds out to several meals through some careful cooking. The first dish was a delicious roast dinner crafted by The Boy. 

He braised the pheasant in a delicious bath of Rothley’s own King Richard 2015 dry white wine (nothing else would have been fitting) and chicken stock, and gave it a generous coat of bacon to keep the juices in. This was completed by roasting up some parsnips in honey, some crispy potatoes and served with boiled carrots. The cooking liquor was reduced down and then finished with herbs and a touch of cream. Absolutely delicious with the gamey flavours combining beautifully with the wine.

After that I came home to the delicious aromas of the pheasant carcass being boiled up for stock, which was then made into a creamy vegetable stew, with just a hint of cheese in there to give additional richness. This made a satisfying evening meal as well as jealousy-inducing leftovers for work lunch the next day.

Which are your favourite game birds? Comedic answers welcome.


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