Dr Protein: Locally made protein snacks

There’s a new kid on the block in Queen’s Road once again. 

Dr Protein is Leicester’s newest fitness and supplement shop, but as befits it’s location, on Clarendon Park, they have something a little bit special to offer in addition to what their competitors offer.

So they have a wide selection of protein products, supplements and the like. I know that this will not appeal to some, but many of my female friends who are more into their weights make good use of these sorts of things as part of their regime. 

This includes my epic mate Steph who is a confirmed protein fan, who regularly lifts weights and is currently training for her latest race, despite suffering with asthma. We used to go boxing together. True fact.

Here is the lovely Steph. She said I could use these pics 🙂

Then there is also my amazing friend, Anna, who decided to get fit when she turned 30 and started roller derby. Unfortunately she smashed her leg at skating practice, leading to a long period of recovery. Instead of moping about because of this set back to her fitness goals, she started powerlifting, making the most of her arms while her legs were out of action. And whaddaya know, now she’s been selected to compete with Team GBPF in South Africa this May. To be fair, I don’t know if she uses protein powders or other supplements in her workout regime, but that shouldn’t stop you from helping her achieve something amazing through her Go Fund Me page 🙂

Edit 04/04/16: Anna tells me “I do indeed use protein supplements – as a vegetarian, I have struggled in the past to get enough protein. Once of my favourites is BodyBuilding Warehouse’s Performance Protein – chocolate, of course!”

Anyway, I digress. What makes Dr Protein so unique? They’ve teamed up with another new startup to provide their customers with freshly made healthy snacks! They have a range of protein bars and protein balls available. Many of them are suitable for vegans and also those on gluten-free diets, and they all have a full list of ingredients on the back so you can check that they suit your particular diet.

Dr Protein kindly gave me some snacks to bring away to try for myself and I have to say I was very impressed! Don’t be put off by the rustic packaging. This is a homemade product, but done with all the necessary health and safety certification. It’s fresh and nutritious. We tried the Nutty Blueberry Protein Bar, which was surprisingly soft and crumbly in texture. This is a gluten free offering, made with GF oats and mixed with 6 different nuts and seeds, dried blueberries, whey protein and bound with maple syrup and apple sauce. It’s a really satisfying snack with nice sweetness, but it tastes fresh, not synthetic. I really enjoyed it and it kept me feeling full for ages.

Next up were the chocolate protein balls, which are made with some lovely quality chocolate nibs and cocoa powder, giving you an excellent choccie fix. They have almonds on the inside and coconut on the outside which also gives some nice texture to the smooth interior. Very satisfying. Great as a post-workout snack, or for me they proved excellent as an afternoon pick me up, giving me the oomph I need for the cycle home.

Were that not exciting enough, coming soon Dr Protein will be opening their own smoothie bar on the premises. It’ll be like a little taste of LA right here in Leicester. I’ve seen the menu, and it is vast. There’ll be a whole range of freshly made juices to give you a great energy boost, from Sweet Shanti (sweet potato, ginger, cucumber and apple) to Salute the Green (apple, fennel, lime and spinach).

Dr Protein’s Signature Smoothies will include Coco Green Matcha, with a mix of tropical fruits, spinach, matcha and wheatgrass, or you can load up on a healthy Pina Colada, with pineapple, mint, banana and coconut water. There are smoothies with added supplements and superfood ingredients as well – hempseed oil, avocado, blueberries, and chia seed, so whatever you need, just ask for some advice to the smoothie that will best fit your dietary needs or just your mood! If it’s a more basic pick-me-up you’re after, they’ll also have organic coffee. Something for everyone it sounds to me.

Soon to be smoothie bar

Not your average supplement store I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ll be watching with interest to see where they go from here.


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