Breakfast Treats at Gelato Village

Once again those lovely chaps at Gelato Village have made another happy addition to Leicester’s food culture by giving us a beautiful Italian inspired breakfast deal. Now that they are open from 8.30am, you can pop by to pick up a freshly made coffee, or even indulge yourself with some lovely Italian bakery treats.

However, I went along to sample the new Gelato Village breakfast deal. For £3.95, you can bag yourself a coffee, a freshly-baked croissant and a pot of jam. You really can’t say fairer than that. It is an absolutely delicious breakfast.

The coffee is your selection from the regular favourites, roasted just over the road at another Leicester staple – St Martin’s Coffee. The perfect symbiosis of local enterprise, coffee and gelato. 

I opted for a cappucino which was frothy, light and had a great caffeine hit. It was served with a chocolate coated coffee bean which I found particularly useful at that time in the morning.

While my coffee was being poured and I enjoyed the effervescent company of the Conista, Cristiano, who seems to be irrepressibly friendly whatever time of the day it is, my croissant was just finishing off in the oven. The smell of my freshly brewed coffee with the light buttery toast flavours of my croissant was almost too much to take, so I was pleased that it was only 2 minutes later that my breakfast was served.

A hot croissant with a personal jar of cherry jam. Of course being Gelato Village, this is not just any tub of jam. This is the finest, Italian, organic jam. I went for cherry, but there are many more flavour options if something else tickles your fancy.

Like all the best breakfasts, it carries on into brunch and also past the time that one can reasonably call it brunch but one still may require the healing powers of a freshly baked, warm croissant. You can rock up to Gelato Village at 12.59pm and still get served this breakfast deal.

And let me assure you, it reet set me up for the day. I was able to face anything this morning, following that breakfast, including a 3 hour meeting and a very late lunch eaten on the hoof at my desk. Yet again I have to take off my hat and say bravo Gelato Village, bravo. And many thanks for inviting me down to sample. Now I just have to resist going there for breakfast every. single. day.


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