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I have lots of blog posts that I should be writing, but I’ve figured out you can go abroad too much, too quickly. When that is interspersed with work then you don’t really know what’s going on. So I can’t really use all the amazing blog fodder that I have stored up for you right now. Instead, I thought I’d share my evening with you. Pictorially.

I went to see Professor Wallace Hadrill speak at New Walk Museum. He talked about Herculaneum. He was a very engaging speaker, just as I remember from university. Now I want to go back to Herculaneum. But I need to not plan any more trips away right now.

Then I got home after a rather over-heating cycle home and The Boy handed me a glass of my very own wine. I made it myself (from a kit)! It’s nicely innoffensive (although from a kit). And has a little bit of butteriness which I like in a Chardonnay (from a kit).

Next The Boy handed me tea. He not only made me lovely daal, but he presented it all nicely. What a lovely husband I have.

Sorry, usual blogging standards and whatnot will resume when we get back from Portugal. Oh yes, you can almost smell the next set of winery posts coming can’t you…


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