Halfpenny Green Penny Red

We had a little swig of Halfpenny Green’s Rondo recently, and now it is time to turn our attention to their Penny Red, a slightly more pocket friendly red wine from the Staffordshire winery. Priced at £8.95 it is a very reasonable English wine that you may wish to try.

It’s deep ruby, bold colour hints at some great fruit flavours. It carried a slight acetone ring on the nose, but the little acidic touch on at the start son mellows giving a quite ripe fruitiness with slight sweetness. Blackberry and slight black pepper notes arise from this artistically blended wine.

It’s good tannin structure makes this medium bodied wine very drinkable. It is a lighter, fruitier red, much as you would expect from an English producer, but nicely balanced. There is a slight sourness on the finish but generally it fades away pleasantly. Certainly a wine that you might seek out to accompany your Easter roast this weekend. A 6 or perhaps a 7 out of 10 from me.


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