English Wine Tasting Event

Sold out! Look out for more Leicester wine tasting events coming soon.

It’s coming! The first English Wine Tasting evening from Extreme Housewifery will be brought to you at the fabulous Real Ale Classroom on Allandale Road, this Monday 22nd February at 7pm.

For just £20 a ticket you will be treated to an evening of tastebud titillation, palate-based pleasure and artisanal experimentation. All in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. No prior wine experience or knowledge is necessary, just a desire to try some high quality, locally produced wine and find out what it’s all about.

Image taken at Rothley Wines by Zig Zag Photography, Leicester

As well as trying the wines with a guided tasting from a local vineyard hand and freelance wine taster, Laura Hadland (yes, that’s me and yes, ‘freelance’ just means I try a lot of wine to write about in this blog!) your ticket will include a very special welcome wine cocktail, whose key ingredient is made not 10 miles away from the Real Ale Classroom. We will also be playing around with food matching and flavour combinations with some special English cheeses and a few other little surprises! 

Sparkling wine will come from Rothley Wines, white from Halfpenny Green Vineyard of Staffordshire. The red wine is from Lincolnshire’s own Somerby and as a final special treat, we’ll be tasting a delicious dessert wine from Eglantine Vineyard from just up the road in Costock. You never know, I might even throw in a couple more others to keep you going.

Your host, during English Wine Harvest 2015

These wines and vineyards are award winners and some of the best that is on offer in the country. I hope the evening will give you a chance to try new grape varieties, flavours and aromas that you’ve never experienced before as well as give you a bit of a giggle.

Monday 22nd February 2016
The Real Ale Classroom
Allandale Road, Leicester

Contact The Real Ale Classroom on 0116 319 6998 to book tickets
Email laura.hadland@yahoo.com for more information

Ticket includes welcome local wine cocktail, guided tasting of 4 (or possibly more) English wines and food matching with English cheeses.

EDIT: I have been asked if the wine is vegan. So far the welcome drink and 2 of the wines have been confirmed vegan by their winemakers. One has been assumed vegan by these same makers, colleagues of the actual winemaker and one I am waiting to hear back from. I will confirm when I have full details. If you are vegan and would like to attend, please let me or The Real Ale Classroom know so that I can provide vegan snacks for the food pairing element of the evening as English cheese was the mainstay that I was planning – thank you!


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