Winter Pruning

Sometimes I really love my volunteer work! At the moment we are in the thick of the winter pruning of the vines at Rothley Wines, the Kingfisher’s Pool Vineyard. The summer growth is being tamed back, making sure the vines are all properly trained to the trellis system. It’s quite hard going as the weather is chill and the vines have now gone dormant and woody making the stems harder to cut, but we’re making steady progress through it.

Today, not only were we joined by our usual chicken chums to keep us company, but also the lovely Sammy from Zig Zag Photography of Clarendon Park who took some absolutely beautiful shots while we worked. Of course it would be churlish not to take some photos of the wine while we were at it! I have a very special use in mind for some of these shots, but I can’t resist sharing a couple with you now, so you can see what we’ve been up to. Note the neat, pruned vines versus the wild mass of the vines that have not yet been tamed!

Thank you Sammy!

Possibly my new favourite photo ever. Ebony approaches as Ginger and Laura converse.

Look at the lovely neat vines we’ve done!

Chatting and chickens!

Beautiful shot!


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