#Tryanuary: The Needle & Pin, Loughborough

Well we’ve just got a week left of Tryanuary now, where you’re encouraged to get out there and try your local independent beers, bars and bottle shops. We’ve been through a couple already but this one was definitely on my list as I knew they stock my favourite local wine, from Kingfisher’s Pool Vineyard. 

The Needle & Pin in Loughborough has only been open for 5 weeks, but already they’ve sold 50 barrels of ale to thirsty punters! This micropub is simply decorated, but cosy and comfortable. Set over two floors in a former electronics shop, it has an admirable range of drinks on offer if you’re keen to try something new, not least the brews made by Wicked Hathern themselves, the company behind the Needle & Pin.

As well as regularly changing ales on draught, there is a wide range of bottles and cans available – from Californian pale ales to some of the Wild Beer Company’s best efforts. All styles are catered for, with ciders, saisons, perrys, stouts and mild to name but a few.

Fancy a Wicked Hathern brew for #Tryanuary?

There is a strong focus on products of the region though, you can enjoy the fruits of the labour of the Bottle Kicking Cider company in Hallaton on draught, or have a little snack on some Notts Nut House nuts whilst you enjoy some easy conversation with Sean behind the bar. We went in with Liz from Kingfisher’s Pool Vineyard and were surprised to find that they still have some of her King Richard still white wine available by the glass. This is totally sold out now, so it’s a rare opportunity to enjoy this lovely, aromatic and mineral wine while you can.

My eye was taken by the chalkboard advertising prosecco cocktails for £5.50 and so I didn’t even get around to asking for more information about the wine list! This is also made with local produce – namely the passionfruit vodka from Two Birds of Market Harborough. This flavour was named the German Filmstar. You’ll have to ask about the name for yourself, or see if you can guess… Anyway, this was delicious, made with a great quality prosecco and having a delicious fruit kick.

The Boy opted for a Californian pale ale, the Boo Koo from the Mother Earth Brewing Company of Vista, CA which packed a punchy pine flavour from the dry hopping. There is also a range of small batch UK-made soft drinks available for the discerning tee-totaller. The Rhubarb soda seemed to go down a treat with Liz!

The Needle & Pin is named for the 1950s record player on the first floor and the wide variety of records available for you to enjoy while you sup. Someone had put Madness on when we arrived, which we were very happy with, but there are a lot of records to choose from so you’ll definitely find something for you. I liked the record rules in particular – once it’s on, it stays on – so everyone gets a fair crack of the whip.

They are just about to host their first live music event too, with Tori Sheard performing an acoustic set on 3rd February. Best get your RSVP in if you fancy it as there is only room for 20 or so people on the first floor so it will get packed out very quickly! Expect more music events, tasting sessions and so forth in the future.

All in all then, the Needle & Pin has a lot to recommend it. Friendly, welcoming staff with great product knowledge and a keen eye for a good drink recommendation. Ample choice of tunes which you can control for yourself. Cosy and intimate and a great focus on local products. I just wish it was closer!


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  • Thank you Sean, that's lovely of you to say! We'll be back, and this time we'll pick some tunes 🙂

  • Thanks you for such a lovely review. We are working hard to be the best that we can, and when we get a review like yours it puts a real spring in our step. You will always be welcome at The Needle & Pin Laura.

  • It's super cosy and prosecco cocktails are guilt free as they are made with local spirits, so you're supporting the local economy.


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