Free wine! It’s a thing!

Now that’s what I call subterfuge!
I’m sure free wine is a thing – USwitch are offering a free case from Naked Wines at the moment when you switch your dual fuels for example – but that’s not why I’ve got you to click on this link…

No! I have entered this lickle blog into an Awards! An awards for proper-grown-up blogs and everything! And of course now I have to prostrate myself on your mercy, leave my dignity at the door and beg you to click this link, and input your name and email to vote for Extreme Housewifery.

So if you went on the Tapas Trail, have enjoyed my adventures in crafting, made use of my events listings, been on a Happy Hour binge or are just waiting for summer so you can try out Leicester’s Best Beer Garden, please take a second to vote

If you like how much I go on about wine – drinking wine, growing wine, making wine, talking about wine, wine winey wine – you may also like to make a vote.

Vote for me now in the UK Blog Awards #UKBA16
You should be able to vote by clicking on this picture too…

If you feel sorry for me for having to annoy everyone by asking for votes so I can get through to the final judging, you could also give me a sympathy vote. I am also open to undertaking blog tasks for votes. Within reason. Something you want me to do, something I should try? Tell me and I’ll give you a blog post on your selected topic for your vote.

OK, enough grovelling.
Thank you for your time and apologies again about the wine.


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