REVIEW: Scruffs Expedition Tech Jacket

If you’re looking for a new jacket to get you through the cold, dark winter then I can highly recommend you look out the Scruff’s website for something durable and warm. Scruffs kindly sent me their Expedition Tech Jacket and I’ve been testing it for the last week. The British winter has been happy to oblige and has been throwing every wintery condition at me that you can imagine and so I’ve really had the opportunity to put it through its paces.

I absolutely adore this coat. Black and understated, it is practical but without being an overtly ‘workwear’ or ‘waterproof’ coat – it feels like I am wearing something that looks good as well as keeping me protected from the outside world. It is amazingly snug and warm – I have taken to calling it my sleeping bag because it feels like I am wrapped in a lovely duvet wherever I go! Even in zero degree conditions, I have been kept lovely and toasty. So warm is it indeed, that I have taken to cycling to work with just a vest top underneath it, carrying my regular winter layers in my pannier for when I get to the office!

The taped seams and waterproof fabric mean it is completely rainproof – trust me, I have worn it cycling in heavy rain, walking around in hours of drizzle and come out absolutely dry each time. It also retains its comfort when still damp – perfect for when I’ve had to go out to a meeting after cycling in in the rain just an hour before. There are loads of handy pockets and the main ones zip downwards, which is continuing to baffle me but everyone I have mentioned it to has assured me that this is to make them more waterproof – and I have found that even a tissue in the pocket stays dry in the rain.

Another great feature is the little breastpocket which contains a see-through window and a little torch, with a strip LED light on the side. It is super bright and I find it really reassuring to be extra secure when cycling to work in the dark evenings. You can take it easily out of the pocket and use it as a regular torch as well, should the need arise.

So you can tell, I am so happy with my portable sleeping bag, I have found it to be insulating in the deepest cold, windproof because of the taped seams and really effective at keeping out the rain. It only has two snags – the taped seams mean you have to be slightly more than carefree when doing up the zips as the tape can get a little caught if you don’t zip them up straight. And the main problem? Trying to stop The Boy from stealing it. Never in the history of the world has someone been so jealous of a coat. At least that’s Christmas sorted – and imagine how cute we’ll look in matching coats!


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