Happy New Year! What to look forward to in 2016…

Well, here we are. 2016. Look at that, it’s like living in the future. If you’re not too blind drunk to see at this point, here’s a quick look at what’s coming up in the new year that you can enjoy in the fair city of Leicester…

Leicester Comedy Festival

Yes, it’s getting to that time of year again, where unfeasibly massive brochures start appearing in pubs, clubs and theatres around the city. 

The Comedy Festival, the longest running in the UK, returns in February and is already promising to be huge. If you can’t wait until February, the preview show, featuring Lee Nelson, Nish Kumar and others, will be on at De Montfort Hall on 8th January.

Chickenhead Lounge

The first Chickenhead Lounge of 2016 will be on at the Musician on Friday 22nd January, featuring The Highway Junkies, Slim Jim and Tony Alles. Free entry on the door and a great but complementary mix of genres this is easy on the pocket but beautiful on the ears.

Give your grey matter a workout

Leicester’s pub quizzes will be back with a vengeance in the new year. Whether it’s some serious league action you’re after, or just a one-off laugh with mates, there’s something available for everyone. Every night of the week except Friday and Saturday you can find a quiz in and around the city and many of them are free! Check out my latest blog directory for more information!

Grants for not-for-profit arts organisations

You’ve got 29 days left to apply for a grant of up to £5000 to run an exciting arts activity during Diwali or the City Festival in 2016. These are already some of the biggest festivals, so now is the time to step up and make them even more exhilarating. In 2015, we enjoyed Richard III sand sculpture, The Spark Arts brought us super-fun ‘Tangle‘ during the City Festival and of course the Wheel of Light has been a big hit over Diwali and Christmas. More please!

Meet and Eat

A supper club style event is starting up at the Orange Tree in the new year. Meet, eat and socialise on big tables with a three course meal and free drink thrown in for £25. Sounds like a fun evening, and we all know the Orange Tree’s food is pretty darn good so this is bound to be a winner!

Smartphone Darkroom

Another free event, the Phoenix will be hosting a free smartphone darkroom workshop on Saturday 23rd January, inspired by Kenny Wong’s mixing of technologies new and old. Use your smartphone to print directly on to photo sensitive paper to create exciting, deeply satisfying and rapid results.


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