Looking for some new body piercing jewellery?

I was very pleased to see a campaign for Body Jewellery Shop on EtailPR recently as I have ordered from them a couple of times in the past and I’ve always found them to be excellent – both the quality of their jewellery and their prices. Naturally I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get sent some freebie samples to try out!

They offer a massive range of jewellery, from earpiercing to the whole gamut of body piercing options, and also fancy dress and nail polish. For me it’s great because I have 15 piercings in total, including my earlobes, so I can buy a matching set of jewellery for all of my piercings. They introduced me to the revelation that is the bar closure ring, so I finally have rings in my naval without large ball closures. 

They sent me two items to try. The first was the jewelled BioFlex and silver tragus cuff. It looked a little on the large, blingy side for me in the bag, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The cuff is perfectly shaped to curl around under the cartledge giving a much more subtle, pretty effect than I had expected. I was really happy with the look and I love BioFlex backs so this is a great combo for me.

However, sadly (because I’m an idiot) I can’t actually wear it properly because I had forgotten that the tragus ring I’ve been wearing for over 10 years is a 1.2mm gauge, not a 1.6mm like this earring, so I can’t get the back in! The front of the cuff fits in snugly enough, but I don’t think it’ll stay. 

Obviously I’m not going to force it, but this has inspired me to change my tragus for one of the tiny, lovely 1.2mm labret studs I bought from Body Jewellery Shop in April which I was keeping as a spare! I think I will try to be more adventurous with my tragus jewellery in future, although it appears most are 1.6mm, which I guess is reasonable as that’s the gauge you get pierced with! I’m much more on the side of dainty body jewellery!

Secondly they gave me a set of curved nose studs. This is 5 beautifully petite nose studs with a brilliant curve in the back which holds them securely in place, so you’re in no danger of them falling out. They come in different colours so you can get your nose co-ordinated to your outfit. “Finally” I hear you sigh.

These 1mm beauties come in at £5.95 for the set of 5 and if you put in an order for over £10 then delivery is free so it’s a reet bargain. They’re made from surgical steel so they’re great for weird people like me with allergies to rubbish metals. Please remember to compliment my excellent colour matched nose next time you see me!

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