A refined Christmas at Blue Sun Tree

This Omar sideboard is so unique!

It’s all getting into gear a bit now isn’t it, the preparation for 2015 seems to be fully underway even though we’ve not enjoyed Diwali Day yet. I attended my second Christmas preview locally recently. You may remember that we saw a beautiful, glittery, shiny display of every Xmas accessory you could ever need at Narborough Hall the other day, but if you’re looking to keep you Christmas more minimal and refined, then Blue Sun Tree is the place for you.

With over 20 years’ experience sourcing and designing inspirational furniture and homewares, the team at Blue Sun Tree started off as a dealer in designer furniture reproductions and have since moved into designing their own range, Steijer furniture, some of which is not just designed but also manufactured locally. I’ll own up – I did not know we had the option of  homegrown furniture, so I was really amazed to see how beautiful the designs and the quality are. 

I had never visited Birstall’s Blue Sun Tree before and I’ll confess that I was rather taken with their well presented showroom – most of the furniture has a retro feel with a contemporary edge, so it’s 100% my sort of style, although I could never present my house so nicely! There are far, far too many books to be housed for me to ever achieve the ‘retro classic’ look…. I was so excited by it all that I asked them to be one of the sponsors for our recent #LeicesterBlogs evening and was very pleased that they agreed!

Scandinavian inspired pieces like this from Kaufmann are a key trend

Anyway, they stock something to suit every pocket, from super cute accessories to beautiful leather sofas. I’ve had a little check around the internet and their prices are very competitive for the quality of the pieces and I really liked the overall feel of the pieces. Their Christmas offer, as you can imagine, is much more understated than you might experience elsewhere.

In essence, they have based their Christmas accessories around wooden pieces in a variety of sizes that have a bare-bones, cut out feel. I adored them! The colour palette is seasonal, but muted and includes teal, which I am a bit of a sucker for.

You can get a variety of Christmas trees, baubles, snowflakes and, most importantly moose. Yes, moose. A Christmas moose. Well why not I say. They have some awesome reindeer inspired cushions which would go nicely with a moose figure for your home too. 

Naturally I couldn’t do anything but buy myself a moose for the house. I love him so much that I think he will be a permanent fixture and has become great friends with our Feely Cork Deer already and is affectionately known as the Naughty Moose and scolded frequently thanks to our love of Fawlty Towers. Thanks for the 10% discount guys!

You Naughty Moose: secure in his new home with Feely Cork deer

So, if you’re the sort of person that prefers a Christmas of champagne and stilettoes to fluffy antler headbands and a Christmas jumper, you’ll probably appreciate Blue Sun Tree’s style. The staff are wonderfully welcoming and all extremely knowledgeable about the ranges they have on offer. It’s really a joy to walk round the showroom and try out some of the furniture for yourselves. At the moment they have a lot of statement chairs on offer, which are deliciously comfortable. My friend and I particularly loved this little leather chair/footstool combo. I’ll also draw attention to their ‘architecture’ range of kitchenware which I thought was great with its simple styling and gorgeous bright colours.

Mini Moose. Not my friend, the thing she’s holding.


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