500k Competition!

Well, it’s all going on. As I write, Extreme Housewifery is at 498,430 views. That means very soon I will reach half a million views. Thank you all so very much for tagging along for the ride! My blog limped into existence in 2008, with an exciting and crowd-pleasing three posts across the whole year which to date have amassed an earth-shattering 72 views. Since then I’ve become more prolific and you lot have supported me all the way through 690 further posts. Many and varied they have been me hearties.

The Half a Million Competition

And now, to celebrate this milestone for Extreme Housewifery, I’ve teamed up with friends of the blog and all round nice guys, The Exchange on Rutland Street, Leicester to offer you a very special competition!

Image courtesy of Linda Blann

When Extreme Housewifery reaches 500,000 views, the competition will end and 5 winners, one for each 100k, will be drawn at random from all of the eligible entries. Those winners will receive one of the following prizes:

1st Place – A pizza party for two and a special loyalty card for The Exchange which you can keep in your wallet and then enjoy 10% off everything every time you visit! 
The pizza party includes two pizzas, ciabattas or cheese boards and two drinks.

2nd Place – A free gallon of beer or bottle of Prosecco and The Exchange loyalty card.

3 x Runners Up – A free coffee and a cake and, not forgetting The Exchange loyalty card!

All you have to do to win is leave a comment below, anonymous is fine if you don’t want to create a Google account, telling me which is your favourite post on Extreme Housewifery. Easy! Don’t forget to leave me a way to contact you if you win – an email address, Instagram or Twitter handle is fine. 

And that’s it! Easy peasy. Winners will receive a voucher so that they can redeem their prize which will need to be collected from me by arrangement in Leicester or can be posted (if you are happy to risk the vagaries of Royal Mail). Winners will have a week from the time they are notified to claim their prize, otherwise I will draw a new one. The competition is open to anyone who can get themselves to The Exchange on Rutland Street to redeem their gift.

So have a little mooch around the blog, find your favourite post and comment with the link below. The more you browse, the quicker we’ll reach 500K!


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0 thoughts on “500k Competition!

  • Hi Mark, great to have you along. Really glad someone else realises what a fantastic city we have here!

  • I'm new to your blog, there's so many out there you have to be picky these days.. Yes!

    It's nice to see a Leicester blog though.

    Your fantastic, groundbreaking new-for-Leicester Tapas Trail post is the reason I follow, and the reason I'll continue to follow Extreme Housewiffery. A great idea in what I truly believe is a great city. So looking forward to the next one.

  • Ive really enjoyed the Tapas Trail good to learn about all the different foods you can get in leicester and they were very tasty too :)

  • That was a special new surprise, just in time for the blog – perfect!
    Thanks for your kind wishes!

  • Thanks Jo! I think we are something of the Old Guard of blogging now! Really glad you enjoyed the beer gardens. I will be heading to the Soar Point today actually, as it goes – to take advantage of their free printing!

  • OOH Well done I have been following since the beginning. Love popping in and out to see whats about. Love the Leicestershire news as we are often in Leicester, its good to see what are good places to eat and my fave posts of all are 'Beer gardens' You write with the info I actually want to know and I really like the accessibility info. My fave was The Soar Point as I would never have known about it!

  • Definitely the Tapas Trail, I never would have discovered Rutland and Derby without it and the food there was AMAZING

  • I've enjoyed experiencing things I never would without the blog, for me the top post has to be Tapas Trail, giving you a feel for the food the place and an overall good vibe!

  • Thanks Charlotte, it's been a great year for making friends with the local blogging community!

  • Thanks Bridget! I loved the Tapas Trail, perhaps we should have another? When blogging meets the real world!

  • The tapas trail has been one of your finest hours on the blog….because you instigated IT and got a really good vibe going on in the city's bara and pubs. I had great fun taking various friends to some of them but didn't make them all. But I loved the thought that each place put into the venture ..from the exchange's platter and lager …ooh lovely…to the excellent chips and unusual beer at the R and D. Top marks…..but have to admit the happy hour directory has been helpful…(hic)

  • Congratulations on being at nealry half a million!! Its been lovely to meet you this year and getting to know more leicester bloggers!!

  • I'm a newbie, but the dine on a diet was immensely appealing, love White Peacock restaurant and this event sounds like just what I'll need post Xmas lol.

  • Thanks Declan! I can't believe I forget to reference the Happy Hour Directory in the main post. I'm glad that it is as important in your life as it is in mine (yes, I use it when I'm out and about!!) Good luck with the competition!


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