When vintage goes obsessive…

I love a bit of a crochet. I enjoyed a sneaky guerrilla crochet during Knit in Public day right when I had first started to learn the art and I’ve been all over the place with colour and pattern ever since. But recently, I’ve really, really got in to doilies.

This is unfortunate, because there is no place in my house for doilies. And no place in anyone else’s house either it would seem. They are totally vintage, totally retro, but for some reason they are the only bit of vintage homeware that doesn’t seem to have come back into fashion recently. Which is annoying. 

However, as undeterred as I am by passing fads, I shall continue to make doilies and give them to all my friends until such time as I am no longer obsessed with making them. Who knows, if I make enough, maybe the weight of numbers entering the market will mean that I tip them into trendy again.

Where do you stand on doilies?

crochet, cat, doily
Cat doily. Just what the internet needs.
Pinwheel doily – it’s a bit 3D and that.

Little bit in love with this one, rather unique pattern


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  • Thanks Poppy, I didn't do many over Christmas, but I think I'll get back on the doilies soon!! Crochet is totally addictive, one you learn, that's it!


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