The Tapas Trail at the Turkey Cafe

There’s just one week left to enjoy the Leicester Tapas Trail! Don’t say you haven’t been warned and come complaining to me on the 19th October when you haven’t had the chance to enjoy a dish and a drink for just £3 at 11 of the city’s best independent venues… If you’ve just stumbled across this now, click this link to find out all the facts.

Today the spotlight is on the final venue in the Trail – the Turkey Cafe. Nestled in one of Leicester’s most beautiful and creatively designed buildings, the Turkey Cafe have made their name for fresh, home-cooked food and innovative cocktails.

The Turkey Cafe have jumped aboard the Leicester Tapas Trail with gusto. Their offering consists of a drink and a mini portion of their legendary Garbage Fries. We went down to review the Cafe back in August and I was raving on about the fries then, so I’m super pleased to have them on the Tapas Trail. Cheese, bacon and avocado anything is a good thing, so adding all that to fries, with tomato and spring onions is pure genius. Plus the fries aren’t just topped, the added extras run all the way through the dish, so you get avocado wonderment the whole way down.

Drinks on offer include Pilsner Urquell, a small glass of house wine or a soft drink. I would recommend the Sauvignon Blanc if you go for the wine, it’s a nice light wine and goes well with the toppings on the fries.

The Turkey Cafe are serving their dish until 9pm Monday to Thursday and until 6pm Friday and Saturday, so there’s no excuse not to get down their and give it a go. Why not team it up with a visit to Roxy’s Kitchen at Bossa Bar and get a bit of Granby Street love on the go?


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