The Hoosiers at Meatcure, Leicester

We were treated to some very special entertainment on Thursday here in Leicester. The Hoosiers popped by to local dirty burger purveyors, Meatcure for a very lovely acoustic set. It was great to have something a bit exclusive and a lot fun happening just five minutes away from the office. Sadly I could only stay for the first half of the set as I was on my lunch break but I did very much enjoy it!

As ever, the Meatcure staff were super friendly. They always offer bright, personal and attentive service in there. I love the relaxed vibe in the restaurant and having some acoustic music to enjoy at the same time was perfect.

Of course, I grabbed myself a Dirty Burger, which comes with a soft drink for £7.50 (20% off for Council employees) which I thought was supposed to be the smaller, sensible lunch time option, however, it came with an absolute mountain of fries which I couldn’t possibly finish.

The Hoosiers performed a selection of material, both their old favourites and some bits from their new album, The Secret Service. I have to admit that I’m not hugely familiar with their work, but they had great timing, and their songs stripped down for acoustic really nicely. It was a perfect fit with Meatcure, just laid back and a bit smiley.

So, it just goes to show you never know what will happen in Leicester – there’s always something fun going on. This week I’m going for cheese and wine tasting and on the weekend it’s the Diwali lights switch on – hooray!


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