The Beer Lovers Tapas Trail

Those lovely chaps at Leicester CAMRA have been so nice in supporting the Leicester Tapas Trail and sharing the information about it with their members that I thought I should make an extra-special bespoke trail just for them.

If you’re not sure what the Tapas Trail is, it’s simply £3 for a dish and a drink across 11 of the best independent venues across Leicester. No bookings or vouchers are necessary (although could be wise to ring in advance for a larger group), just drop in during their service hours and ask for the Tapas Trail.

So, if you are a beer lover, where are the tippety-top best Tapas Trail venues for you to visit? Well, I would recommend following my bespoke Beer Lovers Trail. It’s only 3/4 of a mile in total, so there is no more than 15 minutes walk to visit all four of the venues involved and of course, as you only pay £3 for a drink and a dish at each venue following this whole course will only cost you £12. Cheaper than a meal out in many places!

Venue 1: Natterjacks, Braunstone Gate

Offering a matched dish and drink especially created for the Tapas Trail, you can get your experience off to a fine start with a freshly made falafel tray, served with tzatziki, pitta slices and salad, which has been matched with a 1/3 pint of Brewdog Punk IPA. 

I know that everyone has almost certainly tried Punk IPA by this point, but it is a lovely beer and a great match on the menu. With a nice, light vegetarian dish it is a great place to start so that you can bear the whole 10 minute walk to the next venue. Braunstone Gate is NOT far away. Get out there and enjoy it.

Head through Castle Gardens to take the scenic route, or if you’re heading out after 5pm or so when the park shuts then walk along the roads to St Nicholas Circle and up to Taps via Peacock Lane.

Venue 2: Taps, Guildhall Lane

Celebrating the Oktoberfest in style, enjoy a specially created German sausage cassoulet, with a bean only option for vegetarians, and a beautiful homemade bread with a European beer. 

During the Tapas Trail we’ve enjoyed the Sly Fox Oktoberfest pilsner, Flying Dog’s Marzen and the Swiss “1936” so far, all of which have been excellent, so go down and take your chances!

Venue 3: Bruxelles, High Street

A Leicester stalwart, you know that Bruxelles has an excellent reputation for some wonderful beers. During the Tapas Trail they have not let the side down and are offering a full three course meal (still only £3 for a drink and a dish, so £9 if you want to try all three).

Waffles bitches. Like science, but not.

Dogfish Head IPA, Gimbergen and Leifmann’s Fruitesse all feature on the menu, paired respectively with mussels, a Belgian beef stew or Belgian waffles. They are wonderful, I thoroughly enjoyed the mussels I tried last week and I love that they have used the Trail to showcase the Belgian vibe that they do so well.

Venue 4: Queen of Bradgate, High Street

Now all you need to do is cross the road and you are at the final venue on our Beer Lovers tour. And, appropriately, the Queen of Bradgate are offering a real taste of Spain in their Patatas Bravas. You can pair that up with any half of cask or craft beer here, so make the most of the opportunity and try something new!

As you can see, I chose to have my patatas bravas with a glass of wine, which is a possibility also for you. But you are on the Beer Lovers Trail, so I’m guessing you’ll be leaving that for now.

I hope you enjoyed the Beer Lovers Trail! Send me and the venues some feedback by using the #tapastrail hashtag on Twitter.


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