How does one meal feed two?

So we popped in to Leicester’s Highcross centre yesterday and made our way to a very reasonably sized queue (in that it was much shorter than we expected) outside Byron Hamburgers. You may recall I reviewed it just after it opened, weirdly exactly one year ago. Well, we enjoyed it and we have been back since. So why was there this queue? What was all the excitement about?

Yesterday was 25p burger day. Yep, that’s right. 
Did you miss it? You’re going to hate me now.

Byron were offering members of their Burger Club a burger for the bargain price of 25p to celebrate their partnership with One Feeds Two. This is a charity which gives some of the world’s poorest children a school meal each day so they don’t go hungry, are encouraged to attend school more regularly and therefore come out with a better education. Brilliant! 

Each school meal costs just 25p, and so Byron are now donating 25p from every sale of their Special hamburger each month to One Feeds Two. Simple!

It was fabulous. I had my firm favourite the Smokey and the Boy opted for the B-Rex. As ever, they were served medium and were delicious, with great quality meat and toppings being used throughout. I really enjoyed the brioche bun too – it held together really well but was still lovely and soft. Well worth 25p!

As we’ve come to expect, the staff were wonderfully friendly and cheerful, despite the fact that it was clearly madness and they were absolutely rushed off their feet trying to serve everyone. Big thanks to the manager for recommending we try the India Hell’s Lager, which was a fabulous punchy and aromatic American IPA style beer and could not have matched better with my Smoky burger. A real find – I love food and beer pairing and this was a super one.

Get yourself down. I know it’s a chain, and it’s expanding rapidly, but the burgers truly are awesome – sometimes you just have to accept that a business is successful, and expanding, because it is just quite simply, lovely. Don’t forget to try the special burger – currently Run Rarebit Run – and know that you’ll be buying a child a school meal at the same time. We donated some extra meals through our tip – and even more thanks go to the staff for agreeing to donate all their tips on what must be the busiest day they’ve ever had. Kudos.


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