Enjoy the Tapas Trio on the Leicester Tapas Trail

Bruxelles have joined the Tapas Trail and I must say, they’ve come up with a rather exciting menu. Remember, it’s £3 for a drink and a dish at all of the participating venues right up until 18th October 2015. 

We popped in to Bruxelles last night to give their menu a whirl and we were not disappointed! You have a selection of options to choose from – try one, try them all, at £3 each you can’t go wrong. For your starter you can pick up a portion of mussels in a delicious wine and cream sauce. This has been matched with a third of a pint of Dogfish Head DNA – a nutty IPA with a lovely citrusy finish. Something a little bit US, a little bit UK.

I opted for the mussels myself and I found them to be deliciously plump and I thought the sauce was really lovely. I certainly needed all my bread to make sure I mopped up every last drop. I will definitely be having this dish again!

Moving on to your main, you can pick yourself up a third of a pint of Gimbergen Blonde, matched up with a mini Belgian beef stew. The Boy opted for this one and he did say that the meat was a little chewier than he was expecting, but I think that is the style of stew rather than a fault in the execution! 

It was rich and thick and again came with some bread for all of your juices. As the nights begin to draw in I can see that this will become a firm favourite.

Finally there was a Belgium waffle, again a perfectly miniature portion, teamed with one of my absolute favourites, the Leifmans Fruitesse. I’m a big fan of Leifmans deep, fruit filled beers – I suppose they could be construed as a bit girly, but I hope that everyone can enjoy them!

So there you have it! A great range of dishes on offer and just one of 11 venues in Leicester where you can try something new without breaking the bank. I am loving the Tapas Trail so much.


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