Oils of Life and free pampering at the Bodyshop

I was invited down to the Body Shop in Leicester’s Highcross this week for a mini pampering session. I love a little treat, especially after a hard day at work and so I was more than happy to oblige. The Body Shop has always been somewhere I visit, throughout my life. I remember the endangered animal campaign they ran when I was in primary school as I had the set of soaps in the shape of the animals that they were supporting. 

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Thanks to the power of the internet I have actually found a picture of said soaps – albeit in an article highlighting the environmental impact of palm oil (but emphasising that the Body Shop is committed to using sustainable palm oil sources). 

I was a proper nut for environmental campaigning when I was a young ‘un. I seem to remember being given the task of turning a wall in the headteacher’s office into a rainforest to highlight the plight of endangered species and also doing various bits and bobs of fundraising.

Anyway, back to my pamper session – I was greeted by my wonderful host, Laura (all the best people are called Laura) who started me off with my own personal skin consultation so that she could figure out what the best products were for my mini facial.

We looked at my current routine, problem areas, what I wanted for my skin and how my lifestyle affects my skin. She talked me through every stage and discussed the products she suggested using, and why as well as giving me information about how and where the ingredients for each product was sourced. I was truly struck by her in-depth product knowledge, there must be a huge amount of training involved to know that much about the entire range!

Laura was particularly excited about the new Oils of Life range, which has only recently been released. I loved the smell and the fact that they are made with 99% natural oils, but given the state of my skin, which can be wonderfully dry at one point and simultaneously greasy in another I was a little wary about the wisdom of using a facial oil.

I needn’t have worried though. Laura picked a special selection of products just for me to cleanse, tone and condition my skin. I particularly liked the scent and feel of the aloe calming facial cleaner, which was really light and refreshing. The Oils of Life Essence Lotion was a totally new one for me – apparently it’s all the rage in Japan and is starting to make its way over here as the next step in your skincare routine – somewhere between toning and moisturising.

The little personal massager was also really cool – they would make an awesome present. The shape is really ergonomic and it has a little pull on the skin in one direction, helping to flush any remaining toxins in to the skin out to the lymph nodes and out of the body through your own natural system. It also feels great on your neck, especially after a long day in front of the computer!

Facial’d up!

I brought my friend Lucia along too and she had a different set of products chosen for her. She has great skin anyway, but we both came out with a refreshed glow, without shine or greasy appearance.

There’s me taking a photo. My photography skills go from strength to strength.

As well as the facial, I also had a hand massage to test out the Spa of the World range. This was by far my favourite, with smells of Polynesia taking me right back to my trip to Hawai’i last year. In particular I was impressed with the quality of the Dead Sea Scrub, which really helped to get rid of the dead skin and roughness on my hands (the curse of working with archaeological collections for a living). I also loved the scent of the Polynesian Monoi radiance oil.

Laura was an extremely skilled and knowledgeable staff member and definitely a credit to the Bodyshop. And the best thing about all this is that you can get your own personal consultation, a mini facial or a hand massage whenever you like at the Bodyshop and it’s absolutely free! So if you’re having a tough day at work, pop in to unwind on your lunch break or head down with a friend when you’ve got some spare time and try these wonderful sensations for yourself!


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