Leicester Tapas Trail: Authentic Spanish delights

The Leicester Tapas Trail continues to grow in popularity this week. We’ve been featured in the Leicester Mercury and on BBC Radio Leicester. In fact, Radio Leicester liked the idea so much when they spoke to me last week that this week they invited me to come back to speak to Tony Wadsworth about it in the studio. 

I love that so many people are on board with it, as it’s such a simple idea – many venues, offering a drink and a dish for just £3. Have you tried it yet? If not you can find all the info on participating venues here.

I took a group of local foodie writers out on the Tapas Trail this week as well. We went to five venues, and all agreed that it was a fabulous evening out – particularly as it would have cost us just £15 each for a good few hours of lovely socialising, eating and imbibing. You can read about Mercury food writer, Tim Burke’s experience on his blog, Riponia.

Sadly Tim was only able to join us for the first venue, having already reached capacity at a lunch review earlier in the day (it must be a hard life being a food writer, no?) but the rest of us took in the full trail, starting with Roxy’s Kitchen at Bossa Bar, then heading on to the Rutland and Derby, Firebug, The Exchange and finally, our newest venue on the Tapas Trail, 33 Cank Street.

Never has a tiny chilli caused so much joy. Spirits and American nibbles at Firebug Bar.

I am in love with the offering that 33 Cank Street have produced. The thing I love about the Tapas Trail is that it is such a variety of well made, proper food from all over the world – none of your mass produced nonsense. However, 33 Cank Street have really taken the theme to heart and produced a truly authentic Spanish tapas experience which showcases what they are all about.

The full menu available at 33 Cank Street, a bar known for their high quality cocktails and super friendly service, is quite a sight to behold:

Drinks options:

  • Rubijito; Tio Pepe spritz with lemonade, fresh lime & mint
  • Tinto de verano; Red or Rose wine spritz with lemon or orange soda & fresh lemon
  • Calimocho/Rioja Libre;  Red wine spritz with coke & Lime twist

Food options:

  • Pan tumaca (veggie) (optional extra Jamon Serano or Manchego – 50p)
  • Tortilla (veggie)
  • Agave & seasalt popcorn (vegan)
  • Olives (vegan)

As you can see, they’ve really pushed the boat out to provide you something very special for your £3.  I can confidently declare that the tortilla was the most authentic and delicious that I have ever had outside of Spain – and that is not a statement I make likely.

I loved the Calimocho as well. I’ve never seen it in the UK before, and of course 33 Cank Street’s house red wine (which I presume is what they used – maybe it’s not, maybe they’ve used rioja…) is a delicious South African Pinotage and with basic ingredients of that quality it’s always going to taste good!

So what are you waiting for? There are just four beautiful weeks left to try the Leicester Tapas Trail, and you don’t have to just go the once you know. I’ve said it a million times but I’ll say it again – one dish, one drink, just £3. You really can’t beat it. Keep an eye on this blog for more posts about the dishes on offer at the different venues and hopefully I’ll be able to announce some more new venues soon before we run out of time!


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