Leicester Tapas Trail: Anyone for pudding?

Well, we’ve been enjoying the Leicester Tapas Trail for nearly two weeks now and we’re getting some lovely feedback from people enjoying testing it out not just online but also in person in the bars themselves, which has been really lovely.

Check out the Leicester Tapas Trail – created by @Morrighani – like a pub crawl but better. Do it today >>

— Great Food Club (@greatfoodmag) September 19, 2015

But of course, up until now, there has been one limitation to the Tapas Trail – it’s all savoury. Delicious, but savoury. Hang on to your hats though, we have pudding! Those cheeky chappies at Gelato Village have jumped on board the Trail just today and now you can get yourself a cone or cup of up to three flavours of gelato and a hot drink for just £3, as well as all the other delicious goodies that are available at the other venues.

Of course it would be rude of me not to pop in today and have a little try, just for research purposes you understand. I adore the pistachio gelato, as I’ve mentioned before so of course I had that, but I also tried the bonet (dark chocolate with amaretto and a touch of rum) which was mentally delicious and you could probably bathe in it and then eat the bath, and the classic strachiatella with its shards of dark chocolate. A taste sensation and followed by a delicious St Martin’s Coffee home-roasted bean cappuccino. It made me a very happy bunny.

If you would like to find out more about the Leicester Tapas Trail, just click the tab at the top of this blog or jump over using this link. There are details of all the venues and their service times and remember, it’s a simple concept, one dish, one drink, three pounds.


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