What exactly is cotton dry?

Just thought I’d give the whole vlogging thing a go. Set the camera up, did a lovely piece to camera, including running up and down stairs 10 times to road test the Sure Motionsense Cotton Dry anti-perspirant I had been sent to test. 

Happily, I’d pressed the wrong button and had not recorded it at all. Suffice to say my conclusion on that video was that while the Sure anti-perspirant did an excellent job of keeping me dry, running up and down the stairs a number of times for no real reason is a bad idea. Therefore you will understand that I am not going to make that video again.

However, I can recommend the new Sure for Women variant. The scent is floral, but really quite subtle, which is something I definitely prefer and it is nice and gentle, meaning that it doesn’t sting if you apply it directly after a shower and a shave!

I’ve found the Motionsense technology to be effective over all, both when pointlessly running up and down the stairs 10 times but, perhaps more importantly, when cycling to work and back on my daily commute. It has 48 hour protection, which is frankly longer than is strictly necessary, but I can certainly tell it is still working when I get back from a long day at the office, and that’s enough for me.

It is a compressed aerosol so the 125ml will last as long as your old 250ml bottle, but fit much more snugly into your handbag/bathroom cabinet as well as using less packaging. Obviously you don’t really need to take it anywhere with you because a quick spray is more than enough of a morning, but if you’re heading out for an evening in a hotel somewhere it’ll not take up too much packing space. It also has a nice, soft feel spray buttong which is wide, easy to use (although if you have an issue with using aerosols we should probably have a chat) and is nice and comfortable on your ickle fingers.

So, in anticipation of another heatwave (we’re ready… bring it on…) you can pick up this new Sure variant at Boots at a sale price of £2.00 at the time of writing. Thanks to Sure for sending me the product to try. Let’s all steer clear of a sweaty summer, eh?

Oh and in answer to my original question – what exactly is cotton dry? I have no idea. I didn’t notice any marks on my cotton clothes, so perhaps it’s all about protecting your clothes, or always feeling as dry as if you’re wearing light cotton, but that’s purely conjecture. Answers on a postcard please.


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  • Well, I concluded that running up and down stairs was stupid, so who am I to ignore my own advice?

  • oww what a shame about your camera not recording 🙁 you should totally try again! x


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