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We went out for our first local bloggers meet up tonight. It was great to finally put a real person to the people who I have seen on social media for so long and whose blogs I have read! It’s weird really, you read a lot about blogger communities, with people meeting up regularly and commenting on each others blogs etc. but I’ve never really found it to be the case in all the years I’ve been writing here. I must have written thousands of comments and shared hundreds of posts, but never really had bloggers engage with me back so it’s been nice to find people who actually want to meet up and chat!

Anyway, they’re a lovely bunch and I can definitely recommend you stop by their blogs to check out what they write about. It was a really nice mixture of people and they all have their own unique writing styles. It was definitely good to hang out with people who cannot resist taking photos of their food before they eat it. Bloggers will be bloggers. And it makes me feel less weird.

Clarendon Spark
Ruth writes about every aspect of life in Clarendon Park. Its history and heritage, food and drink and the unique independent businesses that give the area its own special character. The content is a real eclectic mix – which gives you a great impression of what the area itself is like to live in.

Recipes and Reviews
Emily‘s blog does exactly what it says on the tin. Follow her in particular for her mouthwatering recipes which always look delicious. She covers a wide area around the Midlands and brings good humour as well as excellent information to her reviews.

Hollie Rose
Hollie is another polymath with a wide range of topics covered. As well as enjoying the variety of posts, I really love Hollie’s photography. They mean her blog is visually really interesting and she’s well worth following on Instagram as well!

Kimamely Beauty
Kirstie is a prolific beauty blogger, producing huge numbers of tips, ideas and points of inspiration in each post. You’ll never be short of a beauty product for any eventuality with her blog. On top of this she has just started Turquoise and Quills – a new blog reflecting her love of writing and reflecting on her creative processes. Definitely one to watch.

Stephanie uses her blog like a scrapbook noting down her thoughts and recording her design projects. It has now evolved into a shop front for her own clothing line and very beautiful they are too! There is something for everyone, from beauty and fashion to DIY and beautiful photography of events she has attended at home and abroad.

What a creative bunch of lovely ladies. I feel most privileged to have met them!


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7 thoughts on “Lovely Leicester Bloggers

  • Hi Laura,

    We met yesterday at the association’s meeting, I am the tall (Dutch) guy of the Battlefield line, I have got a question; you mentioned an interesting Leicester blog,

    I have been trying to find it under Julie/Judy/Judith, but could not, could you eventually give met the URL, so I (we) can have a look at her work?

    Thanks in advance

  • Thanks for your kind words Laura, it was so lovely to meet you. Looking forward to the next Leicester bloggers meet up!

    Kirstie x

  • Haha, no messing! I don't know how you all managed the gelato, the burger was more than enough for me!

  • Great write-up Laura – and super speedy! I'm still snoozing off the gelato…


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