Free Gelato!

No, this isn’t one of those attention grabbing posts that doesn’t follow through on its promise. I’ve teamed up with our friends at Gelato Village on Cank Street, Leicester, to offer one of you lovely readers the chance to win a free gelato! It’s on the house! Delicious.

Gelato Village is a firm favourite on my rotation and they are no strangers to this blog. You can read all about who they are and what they do in my previous posts and also discover the super special, limited edition Issimo range. Don’t forget, Issimo won’t be around forever, so get in while you can.

And if my recommendation isn’t enough, they’ve also just been named one of the top 10 ice cream parlours in the UK by Trip Advisor. So I’m offering one lucky winner a free regular gelato. You can choose from a cup or a cone and of course as with all Gelato Village treats you can pick any combination of three gelatos or sorbettos to enjoy. There’s something to suit everyone, including vegans, vegetarians and people with special dietary needs like gluten or lactose free. No excuse not to enter the competition!

Win a regular gelato

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  1. I followed with GFC (Sam Furniss)

  2. I haven't been to Gelato Village before but I just looked on their website and they do pistachio, which is my favourite flavour of gelato. I'm a volunteer at the Rugby World Cup at Leicester and even if I don't win I'm definitely going to pay them a visit!
    Thanks for the post (and competition) I wouldn't have heard about them otherwise.

  3. chocolate is my fav

  4. You are so right!

  5. weir shane says:

    i love the pistachio – it is divine – leanne w

  6. I guess it doesn't really matter – they're all good!

  7. Thanks! Any thoughts on the competition question? 🙂

  8. It's true, the milk is local but for pistachios (and the hazelnuts too) they source only the best that Italy has to offer!

  9. It's hard to choose a favourite; they are all so good. But the pistachio has to come out tops for me. Apparently they get their nut pastes from artisans in Sicily.

  10. I don't mind, I would eat them all lol

  11. Mmmm, pineapple. I think I like the pistachio best, which is predictable because that's been my favourite ice cream flavour my entire life!

  12. ...Pep... says:

    Aaaaand my favourite one is pineapple sorbet!

  13. ...Pep... says:

    Mmmm sounds refreshing and yummy mmmm

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