Fooling the British Summer with Scruffs’ waterproofs

Those happy folk at Scruffs sent the Boy and I a set of waterproofs each to try out on our recent camping holiday. Sadly they arrived the day after we’d got home, so we couldn’t try them then, although they would have been plenty useful!

However, the British Summer has been ‘kind’ to us and provided plenty of wet weather since then for us to road test our jacket/trouser combos properly and I have to say we love having matching outfits, even if they are just plain navy blue – but we’re a bit odd like that!

We both got a pac-away jacket and matching pac-away trousers in medium and although that size runs a little big on both of us, I really appreciate the extra room to be able to have additional layers underneath as well as being able to get them over my big boots – most useful when you are removing them whilst wet – much easier to cope with. 

We have tried them out in several conditions – on a road cycle during a short, but extremely heavy downpour, on a number of walks in medium rain and, last Friday, I wore them to cycle to the vineyard in the rain and to work out in the varying heaviness of drizzle throughout the morning.

They both come in their own little drawstring bag, so they take up barely any room in my pannier and now I carry them around all the time just in case. The taped seams and drawstring adjusters mean you really can block out the elements and I am pleased to confirm that they are not kidding when they say they are fully waterproof! As I mentioned I’ve tried them in a number of conditions and haven’t sprung a single leak. In fact I was able to spend the whole morning out in the rain on Friday and, upon arriving to meet a friend for lunch I peeled them off and was pristine underneath – ideal.

Most significantly for me is the inner elbow area, which as a cyclist is a particular problem area because water pools in the crease as you ride and tends eventually to permeate the barrier and then drip down your arm – not great. However with the Scruffs waterproofs I have not had this issue at all, hence why this jacket has become my preferred one over the summer. It is also really lightweight which means it is good to wear in rainy but warm summer conditions. However, my only criticism isn’t that I don’t find the fabric particularly breathable, so on a warm day you can feel the condensation/slight sweat layer forming on your arms if you’re working hard! However, I imagine this is the sacrifice you make for true waterproofing and I think it’s worth it – it’s not overly bad, you may just need a minute or two to air off slightly once you remove the layer!

This is the latest of a few Scruffs products we’ve road tested and I have to say I really rate them. They’re made with the needs of workwear in mind so everything is really durable and tough, which is perfect for people like us who get battered by the elements every day! I expect we’ll get plenty of years of wear from these waterproofs.

If you’re looking for items like durable boots, trainers, trousers, jackets or hoodies for either men or women I would definitely recommend popping across to their Summer Sale before it finishes at the end of August – prices are starting at a fiver so there is something for every pocket and many items have more than 50% off.


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  • Those look ideal for walking the dog in some of the weather we have had recently! I would need a matching one for him though


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