RECIPE: BBQ Belly Pork

We had quite an American inspired, surprisingly light and summery dinner last night which really made the most of our barbecue for a wallet-pleasing price. As ever, we didn’t bother with measuring quantities, but since it’s BBQ, who cares?

We got our pork belly reduced to £1.50 in the supermarket, so this was really really cheap, but pork belly is still a relatively inexpensive cut anyway.

BBQ Pork Belly
Serves 4

4 strips of pork belly

Small cup of ale
Tsp mustard powder
Tsp paprika
Tsp cayenne pepper
2 cloves garlic minced
Handful of oregano, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

To serve
Mushrooms, chopped and skewered
Mashed potatoes
Lettuce, dressed with olive oil, late harvest grape vinegar, salt and pepper.


  • Not much too it! Rub the spices well into the pork then add to the beer and leave to marinade, overnight if you can.
  • Light the BBQ while the potatoes are prepared then when the coals are ready add the pork, fat side down to the grill.
  • It only needs a few minutes on each side. It’s really fatty so it will char and caramelise. Use a heatproof brush to keep basting the meat with the left over marinade while it cooks.
  • About 5 minutes later add the mushrooms to the grill. I rubbed them with a little of the salad dressing by hand to stop them drying. Keep them to one side of the main heat so they don’t cook too quickly.
  • When everything is ready, dress the salad leaves, serve up the mash and then take the pork belly and mushroom from the BBQ and put it on to the plate.

Ta da!

We used the late harvest grape vinegar that we got from Nadal for our salad dressing which made it extra specially delicious! Fruity and tart.


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