Bright Bourjois Nail Art

Good grief! It’s over two years since I posted something about nail art! Well, I’m heading out to meet some local bloggers this evening so I thought it was a good idea to doll myself up a little in preparation and so I have done my nails for the first time in an absolute age!

Nothing fancy, I’ve kept it simple, but it matches my dress and I’m happy with the bright colours. The Bourjois Fashion Show a New York is quite an old set now, but you can still buy it

I love the colour ways and it goes on nice and thickly, drying quickly nonetheless. It’s perfect for me as the colours have a bit of a vintage 70s feel to them, therefore it matches my wardrobe! 

Anyway, I just went for a straight contrast colour split – what do you think of the results?

And of course, this requires a super fancy, heavily manipulated arty shot. Why, you ask? Why not I say. After all, what you really want to know is how did I actually manage to take this photograph?


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0 thoughts on “Bright Bourjois Nail Art

  • Thanks Hollie – I shall never give up my photography secrets! I love that today they totally don't match my outfit. I love colour, the more the better. Such a contrast to when I was a glittery goth teenager!

  • I am curious about how you took that picture! I already complimented you on your nails last night, but i will do it again. I love how simple and creative they are. And they really suit you 😊 x


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