#BeerGardenLeicester: The Parcel Yard

And so here we are, the final post looking at a Leicester beer garden, before our hunt for the very best finally draws to a close. We’ve rated them, the top secret scores are held on a special database, preserved in my safety deposit box and the winners will be announced very soon. And our final pub is Steamin’ Billy’s own Parcel Yard, right next to Leicester station.

Size and exclusivity 
Excellently sized, I’ve never struggled for a seat, even when the atmosphere is lively on a Friday night. It is well known now and does continue to grow in popularity.
Early Doors
No sun, ever. This garden is totally covered and around a corner, so you may be able to see that it is sunny, but friend, you ain’t sat in it.

Sort of ‘next to the railway chic’ – it’s a cobbled terrace, with matching tables and nice signs on the walls to brighten it up. Kind of more ‘unique’ than pretty. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is of itself and unique to itself. I love the brickwork, but it can feel a bit dingy.

I think they must have done something with the wifi recently, because I’ve never been able to get online out there before, but today I had no problems! So there you go, points are awarded.

Almost perfect. Totally covered, massive heaters, so you’ll not get wet, you’ll not get chilly. Can be a bit of a wind trap though, so watch for that.

Basic picnic tables and some taller bar tables to the side, and now a new set of slightly more aesthetically pleasing wooden benches with brick built tables along the other side. Practical, functional and clean.

Outdoor bar. Points.

Pub Dogs
Nope. No life at all was visible. Too central? I don’t know.

Edit: 07/07/15 – I’ve decided to add physical accessibility notes to each of the #beergardenleicester reviews. The Parcel Yard is cobbley, but accessible from the pavement – in fact that is the accessible entrance to the bar, rather than at the front, which has stepped access.


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