#BeerGardenLeicester; Grange Farm, Oadby

So we’re nearing the end of the search for the best beer garden, and here’s another Leicestershire entry – the Grange Farm in Oadby. It’s not that far out of town, but it’s countrified and like a little chocolate box. How does it measure up?

Size and exclusivity
It’s huge, a really good size, like all the Vintage Inns I’ve visited. Well manicured grass with matching furniture and full, lush borders. It’s not overly full either, so clearly not that many people have realised it’s there, even though for part of the time we visited at least, it was quite a nice evening.
Early Doors
Perfect – good quality sun, all evening, from the moment you leave work until the moment you want to go home you will get delicious sunshine.

Very pretty, very neat, this is another true English country garden of a beer garden extravaganza. They have a little cordoned off area with bunting where you can get table service of an evening, it’s set just away from the main road so the views are pleasant. It’s very nice.

The wifi coverage limps out of the building to the immediate tables, but woe betide you if you wish to range further – you will have no luck. No luck at all.

It rained while I was there. I got wet. Then I went inside. Not British summer proof.

Very smart and all matching. Nicely maintained and well presented. The wooden furniture is comfortable and pleasant. Cannot complain. There is also an area with outdoor sofas and the staff promise me that they put out little lanterns on a nice night – although I didn’t see them so of course I cannot award points for that.

Miscellaneous points for the table service. I like to be able to eat outside without having to go inside to order.

Pub Dogs 
No dogs. Sad face. There was a dog bowl though and the grass all around it was well worn, so it clearly gets used. But I did not see one and so I remain wistful and dogless.
This is not quite a dog.


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